The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 182

Chapter 182: The Mean Emperor

At that critical moment, she decided to use her Teleport Technique to escape from the tower. However, she did not come to the location that Long Siye requested, so he had no idea where she went. Naturally, she did not want to leave with him as she still hated him.

Long Siye closed his eyes to calm down. After a brief moment, he opened them again. Although his face was pale, his eyes were bright. He raised his hand and flicked his fingers to the sky to issue eight green lights.

He wrote something in the sky with his finger then waved his palm after he completed what we wanted to write. The eight green lights immediately flew in different directions like a meteor.

After an hour, all the spies of the Tianwen clan received an order to find Gu Xijiu at any cost. The spies of the Tianwen clan each had a unique tracking bird which had been trained using a particular drug to enhance their sense of smell to be ten times more sensitive than a standard bird.

It was so well-trained that they could track a person by the smell of their breath. Therefore, Long Siye had included Gu Xijius breath as part of his message using the green lights. Thus, regardless of how she transformed or disguised herself, the tracking bird would be able to find her.


As Gu Xijiu suddenly went missing, the Emperor ordered his guards to search for her at every corner of the city. His order was as crucial as an order from the gods! Therefore, in just a short time, the town was full of soldiers who were searching for Gu Xijiu.


Where was the most private place in the kingdom that people would never interrupt? The answer was the Emperor's bedroom. Although it was a mess in the city, it was still very peaceful inside the palace. The servants and guards were still conducting their duties as usual. The Emperor's bedroom was tranquil except for when it was cleaned. Other than that, no one was allowed to enter the bedroom. So at the moment, it was hushed and serene.

The Emperor's bedroom was very magnificent! Everything was made with high-quality materials. It was unsurprisingly very clean and tidy. There were tea and refreshments on the table, and everything was made very finely.

At this moment, Gu Xijiu had drunk a few pots of tea and ate a full plate of pastries to finally fill up her empty stomach. The Emperor was quite mean to her. She had been called to the palace since noon to play out a planned assassination test that made her exhausted. Then, when there was a feast set up, Long Siye came and disturbed her from eating. From the start to the end, she only drank a bowl of papaya soup that was given to her by the crazy Celestial Master Zuo.

To make things worse, his servant youths drove the ship like a spaceship that encountered turbulence! It was so bumpy that she nearly poured out the soup from the small bowl! The moment when the ship completely stopped, she was surprised to find that her Teleport Technique had recovered.

This seemed like an opportunity that was presented to her by the gods so how could she not utilize it? Hence, when she jumped to Long Siye, she used her Teleport Technique and disappeared from the scary place. Within a few teleportations, she entered the Emperor's bedroom.

She knew that once she disappeared, the Emperor would look for her throughout the entire city. However, he would never expect that she would be hiding in his bedroom!