The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 185

Chapter 185: She Was As Cunning As A Fox

"Since you don't want to run away anymore, let's go back together. You can still do the test before the sunset. Do you know that it is not easy to unlock the Open Heaven Stage? We should not waste this opportunity."

He reached his hand out to her and said, "Let me take you back."

His hand was as fair as a white jade and looked like a beautiful jade under the sun.

Gu Xijiu raised her hand unwillingly. Her small hand was full of mud and was very dirty.

Di Fuyis eyes flashed. He immediately withdrew his hand and said, "I think you need a bath."

Before he could finish his sentence, a significant amount of soil flew toward him! He subconsciously raised his sleeve, and before the earth could reach him, it was forced to stop abruptly and hung in the air.

"Bang!" That soil exploded! There were numerous thin needles drilled from the soil that directly impinged in front of him... The change was too fast that Di Fuyi almost got stung by the needles though he managed to step backward in time to dodge. Then, he immediately raised his sleeve and controlled the needles to point back at Gu Xijiu.

He intended to teach the little girl a lesson so unintentionally he used a bit more force. However, when he heard the sound of the needles that were flying back at her, he realized that something was not right. The impact would be too much for this little girl to handle. With a wave of his sleeve, the thin needles fell like rain on the crop field.

Di Fuyi stood on the crop field and looked at his masterpiece. There was a notable circle in the middle of the crop field, but the little girl had gone missing. He raised his eyebrows. She should be aware that she could not run away from him, but she still decided to teleport. Was she stupid or trying to play with him?

He closed his eyes and used his fingers to try to locate her. After a while, he opened his eyes and was surprised that he could not sense the little girl anymore! Had she found the locator that he put on her body? It seemed impossible! Although it was called a locator, it was not tangible and was painted with his spiritual power. Without some unique way, it could not be easily removed.

She was as cunning as a fox! Di Fuyi just laughed. It seemed like things were getting interesting.


There was a river with big waves pounding on both sides. It was the famous Manxiang Lake outside the town. This lake was vast and deep. There was a special kind of algae growing in this lake which was red and floated on top of the water in clusters.

This kind of algae had a bizarre aroma. The smell was very light but very good. If it contacted the body, it could last for several days. However, it had also a disadvantage. If the smell did not get washed off after three days, it would turn into a very unpleasant scent that could be smelled from a few meters away.

As it could not be removed so easily, the residents nearby did not want to bathe in this lake even though they knew that the fragrance smelled very good. Gu Xijiu had teleported directly into the water. When she opened her eyes, she saw a lake as transparent as glass. Flowers were floating on the surface and which looked like Jimsonweed flower. When she moved her arms, the flowers rotated and looked beautiful.