The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Do You Think It Is So Dumb?

Gu Xijiu cursed secretly but remained calm on her exterior, "Do you want a Silver Princess fish? How big do you want it to be?" She thought that it was better for her to ask him precisely or else he would try to manipulate the situation to inconvenience her again.

Di Fuyi glanced at her and smiled, "At least three pounds."

Silver Princess fishes were quite small in size. Di Fuyi had sneakily taken a glance at the fishes that surrounded the area and noticed that there were only two Silver Princess fishes that each weighed around one pound.

Gu Xijiu remained silent and started to adjust her hook and bait. She took down the glowing pearl and replaced it with a shining blue diamond. She also changed her location on the share and began fishing again. This time, it took slightly longer time for her to catch. The dim blue light only lit up a tiny area the size of a teacup.

A few fishes bit on the bait, but Gu Xijiu did not plan to pull the hook up to catch those fish. After 15 minutes, she finally pulled up the hook. A beautiful shining fish was caught and pulled out from the water!

The fish was still struggling in Gu Xijius hand, so she slapped it on its head until it stopped moving and then threw it to Di Fuyi, "How about this? It is exactly three pounds!"

Di Fuyi remained silent.

He did not need to weigh it but knew that the fish was exactly three pounds. Was this little girl a master of fishing? Her fishing technique was amazing!


A bonfire was prepared for a feast, and Gu Xijiu was busy grilling the fish. Fortunately, she was good at cooking so in just a few minutes; the fish had been prepared. She passed it to Di Fuyi who sat next to her and said, "Palace Master, please take it."

Di Fuyi accepted it and took a bite. The taste was delicious, and it was different from what he had been used to eating in the past. It seemed like this little girl tried very hard to grill the fish for him, so he was delighted.

Then, Gu Xijiu started to grill the autumn fish Before it was fully cooked, the aroma had spread around and eclipsed the smell of the Silver Princes Fish. If the Silver Princess fish was a tasty dish, then the autumn fish would be the best dish of the night. After he smelled the aroma of autumn fish, he felt that his Silver Princess Fish tasted as plain as water.

Di Fuyi looked up and glanced at the fish on her hand. However, Gu Xijiu did not look at him. She was hungry as she had repeatedly teleported and consumed a lot of her energy. Although the autumn fish did not look pretty, it was full of nutrition and had a very nice taste. It was her favorite fish in the world!

The autumn fish was not big. It weighed only about one pound. In just a moment, Gu Xijiu had stripped the fish of its meat and only left its bones behind.

"Piakkk" Gu Xijiu's heard a loud sound next to her leg. She looked down and saw a big fat autumn fish jumping unwillingly beside her leg. This autumn fish was two times the size of the autumn fish that she had just eaten, so she was surprised. She looked at Di Fuyi who was remained sitting opposite her as if he never moved.

Gu Xijiu looked at the fish and looked at Celestial Master Zuo again. She asked, "Did the fish just jump up by itself?"

Celestial Master Zuo looked relax when he replied, "Do you think it is so dumb?"

Gu Xijiu checked her fishing rod. It was still placed at its original location and did not seem to have been moved at all. She looked at him again and asked, "Did you catch it?"

Di Fuyi wiped his mouth and answered, "I will answer you after you finish grilling the fish for me."

Gu Xijiu hesitantly began to clean the fish. She handled the fish very skillfully and placed it on a twig to start grilling it above the bonfire. Di Fuyi was impressed and began to chat with her, "Do you grill fish very often?"

Then he glanced through the seasoning bottles beside her. There were pepper, salt, sauce it was a complete set of seasoning ingredients!