The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 192

Chapter 192: It Was Silly At That Time

Gu Xijiu fiddled her fingers a little bit when she thought of the answer. She was a trained killer, so she was used to surviving in the wilderness. A necessary skill to do so included cooking. She did not enjoy cooking initially. Hence, her culinary expertise was just average. But there was a time when she was on a mission with Long Xi, and he caught a fish, so she cooked it. It was a terrible attempt, and Long Xi was almost poisoned from the meal!

After that, she diligently practiced all sorts of culinary skills. She was intelligent, so as long as she practiced assiduously, there was nothing that she could not learn. She practiced it repeatedly and finally; she was as good as an expert chef. She then purposely invited Long Xi for a meal. Long Xi ate it and was naturally impressed. He praised her resourcefulness and efforts. After that, the two always barbecued together when they were free. He caught the fish; she cooked it.

They were happy. Gu Xijiu even learned the various behaviors of fishes and ways to cook them from a fishing expert. Stupid! It was all a waste of time and effort!

She conveniently answered Di Fuyi, "I cook a lot. I like to eat fish. Eating fish makes one smart."

"It is a good habit, you should maintain it." Di Fuyi said it with a soft voice. He looked at her utensils and pondered a little. He noticed a similar fish cooking method from another person.

Di Fuyi took a bite of the fish and was impressed.

"How is it?" Gu Xijiu looked at him with shiny eyes under the night.

"Not bad." Di Fuyi answered casually, with an arm supporting his head. "How many ways can you cook this fish?"

"Stew, boil, steam, fry, and deep fry."

"Only these techniques?" Di Fuyi was suddenly so fascinated with fishes. He flung his arms in the air, and a colorful bolt struck the water's surface and penetrated it. In just a moment, four fishes gravitated out of the water and landed at Gu Xijius feet.

"Come, cook these fishes with each of your techniques. Let me see how good you are."

Gu Xijiu looked at the fishes at her feet. All four of them were healthy, and they were similar in size. They had unnaturally arranged themselves at her feet as though they were a marching line.

Gu Xijiu's facial expression made Di Fuyi sure that she was annoyed by his request. This guy could catch fishes just by raising his arms, yet he still wanted to disguise himself as a hermit fishing! No wonder he could not catch the fishes! He was wasting most of his efforts pretending to look cool.

Due to the lack of available utensils, Gu Xijiu could only cook the fishes with two techniques. She stewed one fish and boiled the other one. After the meal was ready, the two of them sat together to eat and drink wine.

Gu Xijiu's killer instincts were on alert. Killing is not just about swinging weapons. That was an inferior technique. Sometimes, it was about seeking the right opportunity in a feast to deal the killing blow without anyone noticing it.

She was very familiar with dining etiquette, and with such knowledge, one could even easily overlook grudges and befriend each other again. For example, Celestial Master Zuo was supposed to arrest her, but he was dining with her pleasantly instead.

The night was getting darker, and they drank at least two pots of wine. The fishes were as clean as they could be. Since the wine belonged to Di Fuyi, it was naturally high-quality fine wine. Even his wine utensils were impressive. As his wine was exquisite, Gu Xijiu drank a lot of it.