The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 193

Chapter 193: This Little Girl Does Not Know What Is Good For Her

Gu Xijiu's face reddened, and she looked at him with sparkling eyes, "Sir, would you like me to sing for you?"

Di Fuyi looked at her with his palms supporting his face, "I only like music. Voices that are not to my liking would annoy me and would make me cut out the person's tongue. You sure you want to sing?"

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips and answered with pride, "My voice is considered good music by many, I only sing to a connoisseur."

Di Fuyi smiled and replied, "Hmm, then I have to listen. Which song do you want to sing?"

He took out a jade flute, "I could play a tune for you."

Gu Xijiu shook her head and put her hand up to stop him, "No thanks, I prefer to sing solo."

Di Fuyi sighed and put away his flute, "You little girl, you do not know what is good for you! Do you know that there are a lot of people out there who need my tune but could not get it?"

The night was full of stars, and the lake was decorated with flora.

Gu Xijiu sang, and her voice was a lovely melody. It was strange but elegant as if it merged with the night sky. As she finished singing, her voice echoed in the night.

Di Fuyi slowly tidied up his wine cups and pots, and looked at her with a smile, "You are nice to me, are you hinting me to let you go?"

Gu Xijiu looked back at him and asked, "Would you?"

Di Fuyi replied sternly, "No. It is my duty. I am serious about it."

Gu Xijiu sighed, "I know you are. That is why I would never ask."

"You are a sensible child." Di Fuyi seemed gratified and decided to go a bit easy on her.

"Since you are nice to me, I could give you two choices without disobeying my duty. One, you come with me obediently, and I could give you three days to prepare. After that, the celestial platform would reopen to test the genuineness of your celestial skill. If it is real, I will give you a big gift. If it is fake" He stopped.

"What happens then?"

Di Fuyi looked at her and said, "You have no spiritual power, so there is no need to abolish your kung fu, but you would be deported deep into the Dark Forest. After that, it is all about your luck. If you are fortunate enough to escape, you will still make a good student, and I will teach you kung fu personally."

Gu Xijiu replied, "Sounds good to me. So, at that time you, would take me as your student?"

Di Fuyi swiveled his finger and answered with a soft tone (even though he threw a bomb at her), "No, darling. At that time, you would be my fianc. Not my student."

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

She dropped the wok in her hand, and it almost landed on her toes, "What?!" Her fianc was Rong Yan. She spent so much effort in sending that thing into prison to dismiss that terrible marriage. Since when did another wedding pop up out of nowhere?! This was absurd!

Di Fuyi looked at the wok on the ground and said, "Is this news not pleasing to you?"

"Not pleasing, but very shocking!" Gu Xijiu's expression was as if she was struck by a brick dropped from heaven.

"Celestial Master is kidding, right? That is impossible!"

"How could I kid about such things?" Di Fuyi raised his arms, picked up the wok, and handed it back to her. "This marriage began thirteen years ago"