The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Sweetheart, Youve Got Guts

Gu Xijiu was lost for words.

She suddenly understood that the great god in front of her was actually finding ways to kill her, right?

The success rate of this marriage was very unlikely to happen even from the beginning. It was so unlikely that it had gotten to the point of being overlooked.

However, she was officially engaged to Rong Yan, and it was not easy to break the engagement. If it were not for her traveling through time to be here, Miss Gu would already be long dead. She would be ruined anyway even if she wasn't dead. Maybe by that time, the idea of breaking the engagement would work out, but it would be so embarrassing. She would probably be trapped and drowned in a pigs cage by General Gu himself. So, even if Celestial Master Zuo had done such a favor for the wife of the General, the favor seemed insignificant.

It was not going to work at all!

It was all her fault that she broke the engagement without causing any harm or outrage, which had given the Celestial Master Zuo a sense of crisis.

That was why he was constantly watching her and was always trying to take her back to perform the tests

Because the chance of her making it out of the Dark Forest alive was so small, and if she was dead, then there would be no engagement.

"Master, what if I was born a disciple? What about this marriage?" Gu Xijiu decided to ask the master to clarify.

"If you were born a disciple then you need not venture out into the Dark Forest. Oh, I should say, it's up to you to decide whether you want to do it or not. If you wish to marry me then you can give it a try, this engagement will be instantaneously valid once you make it out alive."

Gu Xijiu knew this very well by heart.

If she were born a disciple, she would not be so retarded to go into the Dark Forest. She would otherwise just spend 15 years in peace.

If not

If she was really being brought into the Dark Forest, even she could make it out, she would not be coming out as "Gu Xijiu" anymore.

Nonetheless, she must not let this nonsensical engagement become valid!

No, wait, why must she adhere according to his plans?

"Master, earlier you said that youd be giving me two options - whats the other one?"

"The second option is simple, if you dont follow me obediently, you can try all you can to fight. Ill knock you out and bring you back, and then start running the tests the very next day."

Freak! This clearly left her with solely one choice.

Fortunately, she came out with the third option herself

She sighed, stood up and said, "Basically, my three fishes could only get me three days of buffer period in return. It seems like I can only choose the first option"

"Brilliant! Lets go back now, its getting late" Di Fuyi stood up. Right when he was about to do something, he staggered to his feet all of a sudden, with his large body swaying a little.

"Yeah, whats wrong with you? Are you drunk?" asked Gu Xijiu, pretending to care.

Di Fuyi looked up at her with a sharp look. The weight of the silence in the surroundings was becoming unbearable.

Gu Xijiu was close by. She had been watching him, completely at ease, while holding the iron pot that was used to cook fish.

Di Fuyi smiled a little, "Sweetheart, youve got guts, how dare you poison me!"

The tone of his voice was as soft as the wind, and yet so suffocating as though a huge thunderstorm was about to make its landfall, thus insinuating fear.

Gu Xijiu, with her eyes sharp and bright, was not going to deny the accusations, "Sorry".

Di Fuyi swayed a little again, with his face turning green; the poison was obviously starting to take effect.

Strange! "The drink was mine, the fish was not poisonous, so when did you put the poison in?" He asked in bewilderment.

Gu Xijiu laughed, with a softened voice she said, "Neither the fish nor the drink was poisonous. You can take a guess at the kind of poison that was in it. I'm sure you can guess well since you're so wise."

Di Fuyi was speechless. He shifted a little as if he was about to do something, but his legs were so weak that he fell back into his chair. He looked at her and smiled faintly, "Sweetheart, youve poisoned me twice!"