The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 197

Chapter 197: The Girl Was Just Bluffing

He waved nonchalantly at the young men, telling them to come closer. "The four of you seem to be quite observant. Can you tell exactly when she inserted the poison? And where did she set the poison?" He asked.

The four young men had indeed witnessed the entire incident. So, they tried to break down the scenarios, "Did she set the poison in the fish? The soup bowl? The stick of the grilled fish? Or probably the spices"

Di Fuyi shook his finger and responded with a one-word answer, "No!"

If the girl had set the poison in the aforementioned places, he would have had already exposed her intention long ago.

One of the young men came up with a good idea, "She set the poison in the air!"

"Not exactly."

The four young men continued to make their guesses by trying all the possibilities, but in return, all the assumptions were being turned down by the masters one or two-word response.

They really could not get it. Being lost at what to do, they gazed at each other in despair.

Seeing the young men flushed with agitation, Di Fuyi then rose slowly to resolve their confusion, "The poison was in her singing."

The young men remained silent. How could her singing be poisonous? This was something new!

Di Fuyi shook his head and explained to them again in a kind manner, "It was not exactly poison, it was instead a noxious agent called the Happy Water Spell"

Di Fuyi let out a sigh, "In other words, neither the drinks nor the fishes were poisonous, but after being specifically processed and cooked, a noxious agent was made once the fish was in contact with the drink. It was still harmless unless triggered by her singing. Hence, her singing was the real cause for all this! From the way I explained it, do you now understand?"

The four young men were utterly convinced, "Understood!"

Celestial Master Zuo really lived up to his name. He had clearly seen a great deal of experience to be so knowledgeable, that he could even discover such a rare poison!

"This is the first time Ive heard about such a poison. What a unique name," said one of the young men.

"Unique? Dont you think its iconic?" Di Fuyi raised his brows.

"Oh, its indeed iconic," the young man agreed promptly.

Di Fuyi chuckled and said, "That's the name I've just come up with, of course. It's pretty apt."

The name turned out to be completely made up by Celestial Master Zuo! The young men were lost for words again.

However, driven by curiosity, they asked, "Master, do you think the poison was as harmful as she had described it? The girl was just bluffing, wasnt she?"

"About this, you can only find out once youve tried," said Di Fuyi.


The young men did not feel too certain about it. Boldly, they had decided to ask, "Master, what do you mean?"

"I'm actually curious about this poison' too, that's why I did a little trick when I extracted it out of my body. There's no need for singing when I turn the poison into gas. You'll be poisoned once you inhale it. How do the four of you feel right now?"


They were standing, but their legs were suddenly weak. There was an unsettling flow in their stomach. It was negligibly weak at first, but it grew so strong within seconds, as though there was a monster awakening in their body, with countless bugs digging their ways inside them. It was tingling and painful, there was even a numbing sensation at the back of their spine the effect was immensely overwhelming!

The faces of the four young men had turned green.

Di Fuyi rose and said, "Hmm, youre now feeling what I felt just then, but what I had was four times stronger. You all are physically weak, so I cant bear to see only one of you suffer alone, thus splitting the after-effects into four so that all of you can join each other to share the pain."