The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 200

Chapter 200: The Man Behind

Even if someone was willing to pay with all their assets, that did not mean he could get Liu Qiandai to play a song for him. Liu Qiandai was playing the zither at the table; her skills were amazing and her voice, lovely.

Gu Xijiu was enjoying the music; she felt like she was surrounded by mountains and lakes.

"Master, the fragrance of Xiang Man Luo would have been gone when you soak yourself in the bath for 15 minutes. However, youve been soaking for an hour!" The Firmament Stone reminded her.

"It can help me reduce tiredness." Gu Xijiu flipped her long hair off her shoulder.

In order to get rid of the navigation talisman which Celestial Master Zuo put on her, she deliberately went to Lake Manxiang to wash away the talisman with Xiang Man Luo.

Although the talisman was gone, she was still exuding the Xiang Man Luo fragrance, which would turn unpleasantly pungent after a few days.

However, she would need to find a way to wash away the scent of Xiang Man Luo if she did not want to smell bad.

The Firmament Stone told Gu Xijiu that the only way to get rid of the fragrance from Xiang Man Luo was to get the perfume recipe from Liu Qiandai.

Therefore, Gu Xijiu travelled all the way in search of Liu Qiandai.

In fact, it was difficult to see Liu Qiandai, as it was almost impossible for ordinary people to enter her room.

However, it was not an issue to Gu Xijiu as she could always teleport into her room.

Of course, Liu Qiandai was frightened when Gu Xijiu sneaked into her room. Right before she managed to shout for help, Gu Xijiu said something which delighted her completely.

What Gu Xijiu said to her was, "Do you want to get your illness treated? I can help you."

Therefore, Liu Qiandai had decided against shouting.

After a long talk, she believed this little tanned-skin girl could cure her illness.

Liu Qiandai was slim, fit, pretty, and could sing very well. She was almost considered a perfect woman.

However, there was something no one knew - she had bad body odor.

Of course, as it was not very serious, no one would notice if she dilligently showers slightly more often.

However, for a perfectionist like her, it was definitely a critical condition to her. She had been seeking advice and treatments from many doctors and consumed a lot of different medications, but none of which, had ever worked. Therefore, she learned the art of concocting perfume and had now become an expert...

She always smelled nice with perfume, thus, no one would notice her bad bodily odor.

The arrival of Gu Xijiu was indeed at a perfect timing! She ought to serve her like a VIP.

Both of them were decisive people and had come to a mutual agreement in a very short time.

Liu Qiandai would prepare a special perfume for Gu Xijius bath, and in return, Gu Xijiu would help treat Liu Qiandai after her bath.

That was how we arrived the scene of Gu Xijiu soaking herself in the bathtub.

"Master, youre such a lucky one, Liu Qiandai is playing the zither for you! Rong Chu wanted her to play a song many years ago but he failed. Not only that, he could not even do anything to take revenge." The Firmament Stone mumbled in her mind.

Gu Xijiu opened her eyes and pondered, "The boss of the Ecstasy House must be someone powerful, even Rong Chu would let it go. Do you know who that is?"

"Mother Xi." The Firmament Stone answered.

Gu Xijiu frowned, how could a madame be so powerful?

"Do you know who the mastermind was behind it all?"

The Firmament Stone said happily, "Youve finally asked the correct question! I've heard that the Ecstasy House and the auction room in the capital city are both owned by the same person. This person is very powerful, but always kept himself under the radar."