The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 202

Chapter 202: The Boss Was Looking For Her

Liu Qiandai was really surprised but she did not deny it, "Yes, Mother Xi. What... Whats wrong with her?"

Mother Xi blinked her eyes and sighed, "The boss was probably looking for her - Miss Gu Xijiu."

Liu Qiandai remained silent; she definitely heard of Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu had been stirring quite a few problems. Her news has spread around - even to some other states and their cities.

"She I thought she went missing on the way to the Open Heaven Stage? There was even a rumor that said that she hd been caught by Overlord Long. How could she possibly come here alone?" Liu Qiandai wondered.

Mother Xi shook her head and stood up. She did not answer Liu Qiandais question, but instead, asked her another question, "You gave her your Crested Ibis carriage?"

"Yes, she was in a hurry and needed a fast vehicle, so I"

She nodded, and did not say anything but turned to leave the house.

"Mother Xi, are you going to inform the boss?" Liu Qiandai quickly ran a few steps forward.

Mother Xi said calmly, "They were looking for her, so 'we have to report accordingly."

"What What would they do to her?"

Mother Xi sighed and said, "Qiandai, youre worrying too much. We are not supposed to care so much about this." She then walked out to the courtyard.


The Crested Ibis carriage was actually a very beautiful and elegant carriage. Very aptly, there was a painted Crested Ibis on it.

The horse was also a famous horse, the Flaming Cloud Horse.

Its skin and fur were like a burning flame. It could run as fast as the speed of lightning. It could run a thousand miles in one day.

The Crested Ibis carriage was speeding on the road in the outskirts and the cart driver was appointed by Liu Qiandai.

There was another carriage coming from the opposite direction when the horse was running very fast. That carriage looked simple and normal with a bamboo painting.

The horse was tall and huge with white skin and fur.

That carriage came out from the ground and appeared somewhere near the Crested Ibis carriage.

The Crested Ibis carriage would have crashed into the normal carriage if the cart driver did not manage to control the horse.

The carriage had finally stopped. When the cart driver was about to curse the other carriage, the man from that carriage jumped onto the Crested Ibis carriage!

Before the cart driver could respond, the man has already entered the cabin.

The cart driver asked, "Who Who are you!?"

The man was really fast. The cart driver did not even manage to see whether he was a tall person or a short potato - he did even know if that was a man or woman...

Who was that? How dare he attack Miss Lius carriage!?

The cart driver knew some martial arts and was quite good at it. He immediately jumped up and was ready to rush into the cabin. However, the man already came out from the carriage before he rushed in. He asked, "Where is the girl?"

It was only then that the cart driver managed to see the man properly. All the curse has stopped at his lips.

The man had a nice figure and was wearing a green robe. He still looked charming with a curtain hat covering his face. Although he was not able to see his appearance, he felt refreshed as he looked at the man.