The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Xijiu! Are You Trying To Avoid Me?

Apparently, that person has tried to hide his aura, however, his natural dignity could not be masked at all. He was not challengeable.

The cart driver was a smart person; he knew that he wasn't someone to be challenged.

The fierce eyes were staring at him, driving his heartbeat to palpitate as loud as audible drumming sounds.

He said in fear, "The The lady was resting inside the cabin! She said she was very tired and sleepy, thus needed some rest and told me not to disturb her Why? How could she be gone now?"

The man in the veiled hat was speechless.

He was holding a cloak, a female cloak.

He was squeezing the cloak tightly to the point that it paled his nails.

Inside the cabin, the blanket was tidy and everything was neat. Apparently, the little girl had been gone for a long time.

He only found the cloak in the cabin and her scent was still on the cloak. It smelled good but the man felt slight heartache!

"Xijiu! Are you trying to avoid me?"

"I won't hurt you. I just want to bring you back to Tianwen Mountain. I only want you to see what Ive done for you."

"Xijiu, weve missed each other in our previous life; Ill never let you go again this time. Give me a chance, please" The man thought in his mind.

He raised his hand and released a colorful tracking bird, "Find her!"

When he was about to return to his carriage, a green bird was chirping in the sky and lingered around his carriage. Later, it spits out a transparent talisman on his palm.

He touched the talisman, and a gentle voice was heard from it, "Mentor, Xixi has something to report about. Gu Xijiu has set a trap to win the battle a few days ago. Ive been investigating her and Im afraid, she has been possessed by an evil spirit" That was Gu Xixis voice.

Gu Xixi sounded like she had many more things to say, but he had no interest to listen anymore. The sound had gone and the talisman too, had disappeared.

The man with the veiled hat was Long Siye. He took out another talisman and said, "You dont have to say anything about her matters anymore! And I warn you, dont ever try to set her up again! Go back to the mountain and reflect on yourself!" That was an audio talisman, it could assist in sending audios.

He passed the talisman to the green bird and it flew away after that.

He got up to the carriage and the white horse neighed. It then gallopped rapidly and disappeared within a few seconds.

The cart driver on the Crested Ibis carriage was lost for words.

He returned to the carriage as if he was still in a dream. He talked to himself, "Oh God! Ive just met the Tianwen Overlord, and he talked to me

He quickly ran to the cabin to check again. Unfortunately, he could not find anything despite searching for every nook and cranny.

The little girl did not seem to have left anything else except the cloak. However, she probably left the cloak here on purpose to draw someones attention...

"Anyway, how did she leave the carriage?"

This had confused the cart driver.

The carriage was speeding since she got into the carriage, and there was only one door! How did she even leave without showing herself? It was like she vanished into thin air!