The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 204

Chapter 204: He Is Digging a Grave for Himself...

"Is she a ghost?" The cart driver shook his head and came out from the cabin.

He was shocked when he saw someone was floating on top of the tree. He was wearing a purple robe with a ghastly mask covering his face.

He had no idea how long that person had been standing there.

He was watching the cart driver.

He did not do anything but the cart driver was already trembling.

"Whats the eighth rule in the Ecstasy House?" The man with the purple robe asked.

The cart driver was shocked and asked, "Why Why are you asking?"

The man with the purple robe did not answer but only kept staring at him.

The cart driver felt he was frozen when he saw the man's gaze. The man with the purple robe still did not answer. He smiled and read the rule, "I should not disclose any secret of my customers without permission, neither should I judge my customer. If I was found to be guilty, I shall have my tongue cut off my mouth and three years of salaries as a penalty"

The cart driver was frightened!

He did not expect the person in front of him to know the rules! He stepped back in terror. "How How did you know?"

The man in purple robe interrupted, "Did you execute this alone? Or did someone help you?"

The cart driver did not answer but caned the horse's buttock!

The horse neighed and ran away.

The man in the purple robe did not chase after it.

A moment later, he heard a crash, followed by a loud scream. Something had crashed on the wall of the cliff...

The sound had stopped. Apparently, the person was dead.

The man in the purple robe smiled.

Initially, he wanted to let him go. However, he was digging a grave for himself...

He pressed onto his fingertip, and a beam of white light shone into the air.

A moment later, a young lady appeared and knelt down to greet him, "Master."

The man in the purple robe said, "Bring the carriage and the driver to the Ecstasy House. Also, tell Mother Xi that it's time to reorganize the Ecstasy House. Inform her to also bring her head to see me if there are any more mistakes in the future!"

The young lady nodded and left.

The man in the purple robe stood there for a while and blew on his black ring after glancing at it.

"Sweetheart, its not nice to let too many people know about your teleportation technique. You might get into trouble. Ive been helping you settle all those small problems that had seemed to have affected my reputation"


A silk robe and rich man's hat, a fat body and a moustache! That was the current disguise of Gu Xijiu.

She was sleeping soundly in a carriage with a painted eagle on the wall.

It was the best and fastest carriage in the hotel. Although it was nothing compared to the royal familys carriage, it was a good and fast carriage nonetheless. Travelling for two thousand kilometers was not an issue for the carriage.

Of course, it was not cheap at all to hire such a good carriage. It costs 1000 dollars a day, excluding the need to pay for the driver's meals.

She was snoring in the cabin and the driver shook his head.

The driver had received an order to pay more attention to a short guy instead.