The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 209

Chapter 209: How Much Can My Ego Cost? Life Is More Precious!

He sighed, "Time flies, and youve grown up now."

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

She had finally found a way to address him, "Only now I know that you have been watching me grow. Should I then address you as Uncle Di?"

Di Fuyi stunned, and asked as he looked at her, "What!?"

Oh, that did not sound respectful enough.

Gu Xijiu teased him, "How about Grandpa Di?"

Di Fuyi was speechless.

Gu Xijiu has paid a high price for addressing him with such a respectful title. Di Fuyi smiled and tapped on her shoulder, "What a nice title!"

Gu Xijiu felt something amiss as she looked at his smile.

In fact, her instincts were accurate! Di Fuyi said, "Head over to the Open Heaven Stage! Hurry up!"

"Yes, Master!" The cart driver replied and accelerated.

The carriage lost its balance and became shaky when the cart driver suddenly accelerated. Gu Xijius acupuncture point was sealed and she lost control over her bodily coordination. She was curled up into a ball and rolled around in the cabin...

Luckily, the cushion was soft enough. She did not get hurt no matter where she hit herself on, but her eyes were blurred and she felt dizzy.

She had no idea whether she had moved too much from rolling around or that the cabin was getting hotter - she was sweating.

She felt extremely hot to a point that she could not take it anymore.

She thought she was going to suffer a heatstroke, but she could not get rid of the artificial fat layer on her body.

Her blood was boiling inside and her face was very hot, as though it was going to explode.

Celestial Master Zuo was still sitting there, reading his book calmly.

There was a few times when Gu Xijiu rolled to his feet, even so, he did not bother.

People who felt hot would naturally be attracted by cooler spots. Gu Xijiu could feel the chill when she rolled nearer to Di Fuyi.

The best way for her to feel better was to hug his legs. One, it would help her stabilize herself, and second, she could cool herself down.

Perhaps, the blood circulation spiked due to the high temperature, as one of her acupuncture points was unsealed automatically. Although she had yet to be completely free, her arms were free to move! She could hug his legs if she wanted to.

Although she knew that it was embarrassing to hug him, she had no other choice!

"How much would my ego cost? Life is more precious!"

His legs weren't all that bad. As long as it could help her feel better, she would hug it even if he brings a pig over.

Therefore, when she rolled to his legs again, she quickly hugged one of them.

Di Fuyi was stunned and looked at her. Gu Xijiu raised her head and looked at him in response.

Her fat round face was sweaty as she had even put on some fake pimples and scars on her face to prevent people from scrutinising her. But at that very moment, the sweat had ruined her makeup.

Di Fuyi moved his gaze away as though he was going to do something. However, he calmed himself and said, "Gu Xijiu, I'm your elder. Males and females shouldn't have any physical contact with one another - aren't you afraid of being punished for misbehaving?"