The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 216

Chapter 216: That Illusion Weed Was Nonsense

Mo Yuyan seemed to sense the doubts of Gu Xijiu. She laughed, "The palace master had marked all these books. Therefore, whoever had read it would leave a trace on it, which could not be concealed from the palace master."

What type of mark could he possibly do? Would he able to use a magnifying glass to identify the fingerprints of the reader?

Gu Xijiu browsed through the bookshelves for a moment before she took down a book to read.

Mo Yuyan paused for a moment as if she wanted to stop her but did not speak out.

The palace master had just ordered this person to be watched over and said that she could wander freely. Therefore, it should not be a big deal for Squire Gu to read some books.

The book that Gu Xijiu took was about alchemy, but she had put it down after she read through only a few pages.

The alchemy was rather simple. The books which the Firmament Stone showed her were much better and advanced.

She simply put the book back and took out a few other books she was more interested in reading. However, she put them down after only a few pages. She was obviously dissatisfied with them.

Mo Yuyan was hand wringing while looking from the sides!

This fatty squire was indeed wasting the opportunity! Such precious books but he had only skimmed through them

"His collection was nothing special after all!" Gu Xijiu sent a message to the Firmament Stone with her rather disappointed tone.

"His collection was considered good and was more complete than those in the palace. However, these books were prepared for his servants, hence, they wont be very good and were incomparable to my collection." The Firmament Stone said proudly.

"Its true indeed. He would definitely not put his truly unique and precious books here." Gu Xijiu was disinterested.

"But his collection was of a rather high level. Any book could be sold for millions of ounces of silver."

"Little Cang, luckily I know that the monthly salary of General Gu is 500 ounces of silver, otherwise, the price of these things which are a million to ten million, Id misunderstand that the silvers are so abundant on this land, that they are sold in catties." Gu Xijiu sighed.

"Hmph, now you know my value? Anything I keep would cost you a million ounces of silver. And you were so reluctant to auction for me that day." The Firmament Stone said haughtily.

Gu Xijiu patted it and comforted, "It was my fault. You were indeed the most valuable! Even more valuable than the Illusion Weed."

"Hmph, compared to me, that Illusion Weed was indeed nothing!

"Exactly, you are the best! You are omniscient." Gu Xijiu praised it.

"Of course, theres nothing I dont know in this world!"

"Then what happened when I fainted? You must know!" Gu Xijiu suddenly asked.

"For sure, I know" The Firmament Stone choked.

After its master woke up, she did not ask it anything. Therefore, it thought that she was not concerned. However, it did not expect that she would ask so abruptly, causing it to almost spill the beans

"Mm, please do say, what had happened?"


"Little Cang, you are godly stone after all. Therefore, you must act godly, and lying does not conform to your godly character."

The Firmament Stone struggled for a moment and decided to speak the truth, "He touched you"

Gu Xijiu, "Where did he touch?"

"Your arms, breasts, andthe part which you used to pull his hand to touch."

Gu Xijiu, "" She blushed and then she was enraged!

That pervert!

"Sir Gu, are you alright?" Mo Yuyan asked surprisingly as she saw he was dreaming, blushing and then enraging

"Nothing." Gu Xijiu replied but she had an urge to burn the whole place!

Luckily, she managed to hold back. After all, the most important thing she had to do was to figure out how to escape.