The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 217

Chapter 217: The Drawings Were the Different Characteristics of the Jade Statue!

The main problem was how she could hide herself from Celestial Master Zuo after escaping?

That person was so clingy and annoying. Wherever she went, he could still easily catch her

"Little Cang, how could he possibly catch me? Would it be that he has a locator on my body?"

"Master, I saw that his finger had an extra black ring. It looked like it was made with hair and those hairs were yours"

Gu Xijiu, "" She was indeed clever, "Dont tell me that he had placed a Black Hair Curse on me?"

"Im afraid that this might be the case."

Gu Xijiu slightly frowned.

The Black Hair Curse was a very complicated kind of black magic. The ring was made with the hair of the person being tracked. Only if the person being tracked still has hair, the owner of the ring could sense the victim's location.

Gu Xijiu grasped her hands, wondering how free Celestial Master Zuo was.

He actually spent so much time on such a nobody like her!

And she trusted that ring was a token of engagement with her - which turned out to be utter nonsense!

She touched her hair and Firmament Stone shuddered, "Master, dont tell me you are going to shave your head?! Even if you shaved yourself, the roots are still there and he can still track you down."

Gu Xijiu laughed, tapped on the Firmament Stone lightly, "No, not by shaving. Ill have a way to deal with this Black Hair Curse!" She was, after all, proficient in black magic, hence, it was not difficult for her to break this Black Hair Curse.

She did not realize that the ring was made from hair, she thought it resembled a jet

And this man could actually transform the hairy ring into a jet - he indeed showed great prowess!

She had hatched a plan in her mind but she remained calm.

Suddenly, she raised her head and saw a circular staircase built with white jade, which was glittering in front of her.

The staircase led to the second floor. And she wondered what could possibly be on the second floor?

She was curious and looked upwards. As the door on the second floor was partially opened, she thought that she might be able to enter.

Therefore, Gu Xijiu climbed the staircase and went up to the second floor.

In contrast, Mo Yuyan was shocked to see that staircase, because it was not easily seen! But why today?

She gazed towards the second floor, saw the partially opened door and suddenly had a thought!

The second floor was a forbidden area that nobody was allowed to enter. Besides, there was no door to the second floor at all!

And it suddenly appeared now. Did it mean it allowed Sir Gu to enter?

What did the second floor have? Would it be dangerous?

Mo Yuyan was very nervous and wanted to warn Gu Xijiu but she seemed to have thought of something and held back.

Celestial Master Zuo always did things mysteriously. Probably he opened up here so that Sir Gu could enter

As Gu Xijiu entered, her heart skipped a beat after she clearly saw the decorations!

The second floor was not large. And it had nothing but filled with drawings of the same person.

The jade statue!

The drawings were the different characteristics of the jade statue!

Meditating, standing, sitting slanted, practicing kungfu, drinking tea or lying downvarious postures were drawn perfectly!

The same person and the same robe, but only one has its face while the rest were wearing different masks, such as a green face with jagged, saw-like teeth, a stiff and straight face as well as a cheerful mask

And the one with its face was the one meditating. It was totally the same as what Gu Xijiu had seen in the cave; even the hand positions and hairstyle were the same.

Gu Xijiu, ""

These were?

"Little Cang, do you recognize this person?" Gu Xijiu pointed towards those drawings and felt her heart beating fast.