The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Must You Go Out Late at Night?

Di Fuyi scanned through the very comprehensive record. It even recorded in detail how long the girl took to relieve herself.

He smiled, nodded his head and walked away.

The attendants behind looked at each other and they could see that they were all guessing that their palace master had turned gay, as he was so concerned about that fatso...

As their palace master came back, they were finally relieved. They started joking and when they were chatting happily, a person rushed out quickly to the entrance, "Quick, open the gate, the palace master is sending me out for a mission!"

The guards took a look and found out that she was Mo Yuyan. She was obviously in a rush as her face was seen flushed under the moonlight.

Since she was sent by the palace master, the head of the guards opened the gate without a single delay, "Whats the rush? Must you go out late at night?"

"How dare you ask about the business of the palace master?" Mo Yuyan said coldly while running quickly out of the gate and disappeared in the dark.

The guards could not help but shake their heads. Their palace master usually worked mysteriously indeed. Sometimes, he would send somebody to do something for him and the person would not explain anything to the guards at all. And it seemed that it was the same this time round.

Would Mo Yuyan go out because of that fat squire?


Di Fuyi went directly to the guest room. The room was rather dim as only a lamp was lit up when he opened the door.

Mo Yuyan was lowering her head, dozing at the entrance. As soon as she saw him, she immediately kowtowed, "Palace master!"

Di Fuyi did not look at her, but just asked a question, "Where is she?"

"Resting in the room, she had already fallen asleep." Mo Yuyan answered while lowering her head.

It seemed that this girl had accepted her fate and was not running away anymore.

Di Fuyi nodded his head, pushed open the door and entered the room

The light in the room was even dimmer. The bed drapes were lowered and the breathing was so soft that it was impossible to hear should one not pay attention. However, it could not be concealed from the ears of Di Fuyi.

His lips curved slightly while walking towards the bed leisurely. He then opened up the curtains and a person was seen on the bed.

The person on the bed was covered with a thin futon and was sleeping soundly. The only remarkable feature on that fat face was her long eyelashes, which were covering her eyes like a fan.

He shifted his focus after a glance and sighed, "My darling, do you like this piggy face so much? You havent taken it down after wearing it for so long?"

She was sleeping so soundly that she would not respond.

"You have to go through the test tomorrow, otherwise" He suddenly paused.

"Sleeping so soundly? Are you this good at pretending to sleep?" Di Fuyi sneered while looking at her. Then, he got nearer to her and slightly emitted his intimidating aura.

Her body was slightly shivering, eyelids were quivering and eyeballs were rolling, but her eyes still could not open.

Di Fuyi seemed to realize something. His handsome face expressed a sign of disappointment, took her hand and felt her wrist

He suddenly sat up!

The person on the bed was not her!

According to the spirit power, this person was indeed the girl servant of his palace!

Mo Yuyan?

He suddenly thought of something, went out instantly and could no longer see the silhouette of Mo Yuyan

He grasped his fingers! With a turn, he disappeared from the vicinity and when he reappeared, he had reached the entrance of the palace.

The guards at the entrance were guessing the mission of Mo Yuyan and were shocked when they saw the sudden appearance of Celestial Master Zuo. They quickly saluted.

"Anybody headed out just now?" Di Fuyi asked abruptly.