The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Forcing Fruits to Ripen is Indeed Not Sweet

And everything she did was based on the prerequisite of what Long Xi liked, she purposely suppressed her own thoughts.

In fact, she enjoyed the life in big cities, even if there were lots of entertainment, they were at least lively and popular.

She was actually afraid of being lonely. Disco dancing, karaoke, online gamesshe loved all these things that youths liked to do with their time; she did not like to drink tea but rather alcohol, but she quenched her thirst with either mineral water or various fruit juices

Actually, the hobbies and interests which both of them shared were not many, but she wanted to adapt to him at that time, and thus forced herself to like many things he did.

And on the other hand, Long Xi had always thought that they shared many common interests

In fact, her interests were different from his - forcing fruits to ripen is indeed not sweet

She used to think that if he was around, that would be enough, regardless of where she was. Therefore, she said jokingly that where you are, is where my heart returns to.

After she said this, her heart was throbbing fast. Meanwhile, he responded by stroking her hair, smiled and said nothing.

She thought that he was cold and was not good in expressing himself at that time. But when she recalled, he must have felt disdainful but he did not refute as a means to deal with her.

She was after all his fiancs backup organ; how could he love her wholeheartedly?!

Otherwise, how would he be willing to cut out her heart to save another woman?

If he truly loved her, even just a tad bit, he would not have done that!

He probably had some unspeakable problems, but these were not the reasons to betray her. She had only one heart, and the moment when he cut it out, their relationship would also be over and done with!

He should not have loved her, even if he probably liked her a little, it was still considered worthless in his heart

Now that he was showing so much affection, what was his plan against her, really?

In the beginning, she would feel warm and secure by his side. Now, she felt nothing but caution even when he was putting his arm around her waist

Originally, in her previous life, she had already taken away his life while he took hers - no longer hating him. However, she seemed to be starting to hate him again.

Why did he still dare to force her after what he had done?

As a flicker of coldness flashed through her eyes, she suddenly laughed and spoke, "Overlord Long, I think youve recognized the wrong person."

Long Siye was slightly shocked and looked at her, "Recognized the wrong person?"

"Im quite afraid after all youve done for me. But about what youve said - Ive no clue at all. I think you must be talking about another girl."

"Xijiu, you still dont want to confess?"

"Its not that I dont want to confess, but Im not the person you thought I was. Im not that Gu Xijiu you were looking for. That Gu Xijiu had already died."

"What?" Long Siye was shocked.

Gu Xijiu sneered, "Dont tell me that you thought that Ive been reincarnated into somebody else's body?"

She reached out her fair and delicate wrist towards him, "Why dont you try to test whether Im original or reincarnated?"

In this world, it was difficult to reincarnate into somebody elses body, unless one was the true demon or someone who practices to be a demon.

Gu Xijiu was wronged and was driven to death that day. Would she become an evil spirit with resentment, before she reincarnated into somebody elses body?

And it was the question where Long Siye had been wondering for a few days; he had also tested her a few times.

But all the test results were disappointing because she was indeed the original one!