The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 228

Chapter 228: This Was A Good Trick To Slander Him

"So cool!" The Firmament Stone which had been silent for the whole day was so impressed with what it saw, "He caught a unicorn as his ride!"

Unicorns were legendary mythological animals that could travel more than 10,000 miles a day. They also had high resistance to lightning and would not yield to allow anyone to ride on them. No one would have ever expected that Celestial Master Zuo could get it as his ride!

He looked very relaxed and comfortable rather than being cautious that he had broken into the Tianwen clan. When he landed, he asked, "I came as I smelled a familiar aroma. Can I feast together with both of you?"

He even brought out his exquisite wine to share, "I can contribute this as an additional drink."

Long Siye looked at him and did not speak. Gu Xijiu also kept quiet.

Di Fuyi did not care about the silence and sat down beside Gu Xijiu. Long Siyes eyes gave away his discomfort as he said, "Xijiu, you sit over there. I have something to discuss with Celestial Master Zuo." He wanted to change seats with Gu Xijiu.

Di Fuyi lifted his sleeves and used his hand to hold Gu Xijiu back to prevent her from changing seats. He smiled and said, "I am not deaf, and I can hear you even if you dont change seats. It is not like you talk as soft as a mosquito! Even if you did, I could still hear very clearly. So, Overlord Long, please continue."

He glanced at the table that was full of fish dishes and said, "It looks very luxurious here. Brother Long, you possess good culinary skills. Three years ago, I had tried the grilled fish you cooked, and I have always missed it. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to taste it again until today. Now, I have the luck to taste it again."

He lifted his sleeves again, and a set of fine-dining cutlery appeared. He used his chopsticks to take a piece of the grilled fish and tasted it, "This is the taste!"

Gu Xijiu remained silent. Her left hand had been held tightly by Long Siye, but now her right hand was held by Di Fuyi. She was stuck in an uncomfortable position.

Long Siyes palm was cold while Di Fuyis palm was warm.

Earlier, she only managed to take two bites of the fish, so she was still starving. However, she could not do anything now as both of her hands were held by two handsome men. Despite all her skills, it was impossible for her to use her feet to eat.

"It is such pressure to have an unplanned visit from Master Di. You should have sent a visiting card to us so that we can prepare to welcome you. Why do you want to enter into my territory without any permission?" Long Siye started to complain.

Di Fuyi did not bother him and continued to pick a piece of fish to his plate. All the bones of the fish were removed on its own before he slowly put it into his mouth and said, "Good fish!"

He looked at Gu Xijiu and wondered, "Why aren't you eating? Are you afraid that Overlord Long might poison you?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent for a while before she requested, "Can you take your hand away?"

"Uh, sorry." Di Fuyi finally let go of her hand but then glanced at Long Siye and spoke, "Why do you keep holding her hand? Are you afraid of her escaping? Apparently, it was you who hijacked Gu Xijiu from the Open Heaven Stage and required me to come all the way to here to get her back"

Long Siye could not answer anything. This was an excellent trick to slander him, and he could not deny it. Although Gu Xijiu did plan to slander Long Siye when she was about to jump onto his ride, after all these incidents, she wondered why Di Fuyi would say such things.

Celestial Master Zuo knew that she escaped on her own and had repeatedly been caught by him. What was his purpose to openly blame it on Long Siye?