The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 236

Chapter 236: What Was This?!

For the first time in a while, he could physically reach for her, but he felt that she was still so far away.

It made Long Siye blue as well in addition to Di Fuyi. He clenched his fists in his sleeves and tried to hold back. He looked at Gu Xijiu again and tried to reach out to her once more, "Xijiu, you should know how I feel"

"I know you are guilty. If you feel sorry, can you compensate me with one thing?"

"What is that?" Long Siye asked in surprise.

Gu Xijiu lifted the hair on her forehead and said, "I remember that you said you could cure the birthmark on my forehead. Can you please remove it?"

Long Siye looked at the birthmark and said, "The red spot looks a bit odd. It is neither a birthmark nor normal red spot but looks like a sealing spot"

"Sealing spot?" Gu Xijiu frowned when she heard that term, "What does it mean?"

Long Siye sighed, "Can you give me your wrist so that I can confirm?"

Gu Xijiu gave in and passed him her wrist.

Long Siye checked her pulse and finally let go. He looked at her and said, "You seem to be developing some spiritual power. Are you able to sense it?"

Gu Xijiu quietly sensed her body and was surprised! She felt some strange airflow in her stomach. This airflow was slightly different from the internal power that she usually harnessed. It was extremely light. When she wanted to test it again, she realized that she could not sense anything. It almost made her initial feeling feel like an illusion. She did not give up and continued to close her eyes to sense it.

Long Siye sighed, "You dont have to try anymore. I have confirmed that it is there. However, you only have a little bit of power, and it is useless. You are cursed, and the red spot on your face is a sealing spot. You cannot be cured."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. Was she cursed? And, what was a 'Sealing Spot'? She did not understand these two words, but she understood the meaning of the last sentence. "You cannot be cured."

This news was very demoralizing for her. She looked at Long Siye again and said, "You did say that you can cure me within a year. Were you lying?"

Long Siye paused and suddenly took her hand, "Come with me, let me show you something."

He called his spiritual crane over and pulled her up with him. Then, he signaled the crane to fly toward a peak with snow.


The spiritual crane stopped on one of the ice peaks.

This peak was the highest peak in the Tianwen clan. It was 6,000 meters tall and was surrounded by numerous ice towers.

In the middle of these ice towers, there was a palace built of ice. It was massive and grand.

It was incredibly chilly up there, and Gu Xijiu was wearing very light clothing. Since she did not have spiritual power, she was freezing and trembling.

Long Siye wanted to take this opportunity to hold her, "Are you cold? Let me give you some warmth."

Gu Xijiu stepped back and dodged his hand. She avoided the awkward moment by looking ahead and asking, "What is the thing you want to show me?"

Long Siye looked sad but did not want to force her. He walked in front of her and said, "Come with me."

The snowy ground was very slippery, but fortunately, her Qing Gong was formidable and helped her keep her balance. The only challenge to her was the frigid weather.