The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 238

Chapter 238: He Did Not Actually Wish To Take Her Away

It was clear that this beauty in the ice coffin was Ye Hongfeng!

Gu Xijiu suddenly recalled a conversation she heard about Overlord Long looking for a 3000-year-old Illusion Weed, in hopes that it could awaken someone.

At the time, it meant nothing to her as she did not know that Overlong Long was Long Xi.

In the modern world, both of them had perished together because Ye Hongfeng could not accept her heart transplant even though the operation had already started with the chest incision. Thus, she was indirectly responsible for Ye Hongfengs untimely death.

After looking at the blood red jade in the shape of a maple leaf that was hanging at Long Siye's waist, she could not help but mock it.

In their previous life, he dared to knock her out just to loot her heart for the sake of his fiance, so why would he be so eagerly attentive to her needs now? Suddenly, she found the answer! He was doing it for the Illusion Weed!

She left the auction room using her teleportation power, so no one would know where she went. However, this could have been one of the reasons why Long Siye knew that it was her! She was, after all, the only person who had mastered the art of disguise and teleportation.

Gu Xixi had probably informed him everything about the auction, and it must have aroused his suspicion and given him the idea that the Illusion Weed was actually with her. With that assumption in mind, he left the mountains and visited the Feixing Kingdom!

After a few attempts, he had found out that the Gu Xijiu' in the general's residence was the one he needed. It was no wonder that he was able to make his appearance in the palace of the Feixing Kingdom in time to take her away! Except that, he did not wish to take her away. All he wanted was the Illusion Weed that she had with her!

Fortunately, she had known its value beforehand and kept the Illusion Weed safely in the Firmament Stone. Otherwise, he must have already stolen it!

A few days ago, Gu Xijiu had once suspected that someone had sneaked in and searched through her belongings in the storage bag while she was taking a short rest at the generals residence. However, because she did not lose anything, she dismissed the suspicion.

Everything makes sense now! He was only trying to make her let her guard down. She initially thought that his compassion was due to his guilt, as he had never been this compassionate before in their previous life. It turns out he was concealing his true intentions. Luckily she was cautious around him.

The condition in the ice coffin was immensely cold. Despite being some distance away from it, Gu Xijiu could already sense the coldness in her bones.

Quietly, Long Siye utilized his spiritual power to warm the surroundings. He took her hand and moved forward, "Xijiu, this is what I wanted you to see. Do you like your current body?"

Xijiu was so still that she could not move. She looked at him indifferently and said, "Whether I like this body or not, what difference does it make?"

Long Siye looked at her smilingly, then he took another look at the body in the ice coffin, "Xijiu, Ive filled this body with spiritual power as well as a secret power to make a new body that looks exactly like your body in your previous life. Maybe even better.

Of course, the structure of the field energy in your body will be the same. If you like it, I can try to place your soul inside, and you will resurrect in a whole new body"