The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 240

Chapter 240: She Hated To Be Deluded Emotionally

That's why I've used my isolating power to seclude her and prevent other souls or spirits from possessing it. She's been in a coma since day one and is still surviving on the nutrient solution inside the coffin. She's never been awake before. All the data of this body have been painstakingly examined and calculated. I believe there won't be any problems, as long as you attach your soul to it."

"What if it doesnt work? What if I fail to attach to it?"

"Xijiu, I can guarantee that this method will work."

"Yeah, because if this fails, youre not the one who dies." Gu Xijiu could not hold back anymore; she finally let it slip off her tongue.

Long Siye did not know what to say. He was a little pale when he spoke, "Xijiu, you werent like this before."

As an assassin, the most common thing to do was to take calculated risks. Gu Xijiu had completed most of her missions in her previous life with her life at stake. Sometimes, the chances of surviving the missions were meager. She would risk her life for any task that he had assigned to her with absolutely no hesitation, regardless of the dangers that lie ahead. But now, she could not believe his words anymore. No matter how he tried to reassure her again and again.

"Xijiu, if you dont switch your body now, the red spots will remain on you, and itll be difficult for you to practice your spiritual power. Is this really what you wish for?"

Gu Xijiu did not answer.

He was still trying to delude her. The red spots on her face and her incompetent body condition could yet be corrected. The downside was that it required a lot of effort to get all the elements needed for the change. He could try to keep lying to her, but she knew that it was all just a bluff.

She loathed it the most when he tried to delude her emotionally.

Her blood boiled in her skin as she felt the urge to stab him in the chest. She had never had such an impulse! However, she knew that she must not act abruptly. Acting on impulse was the worst mistake an assassin can make. She was not competent enough to fight him in her current state, so being too hasty would only put her at a more significant disadvantage.

She put on a smile and said, "Overlord Long, it doesn't matter if I can't get rid of these red spots, or even if I lose the ability to access my spiritual power. At least this body belongs to me. Moreover, I'm a lady, and a lady will eventually get married. I'll make sure that I'm going to marry someone who truly loves me for who I am and not how I look. So, he won't mind the spots on my face. He won't use me to help him seize power. Hence, he will disregard the failings of my spiritual power. I appreciate your kind offer, but I must decline it, as I certainly don't wish to change myself. It seems that this offer is some your evil plan to try and kill me."

The sarcasm in her words was too substantial to neglect. Long Siye's expression changed. He looked down and turned his focus to the red jade at his waist. There was a dark look in his eyes, and with Gu Xijiu still in his reach, some green light could be seen forming slowly in his other hand. "Xijiu, one day youll understand that this is all for your good. Now, hand me the Illusion Weed."

He was trying to take it from her. This time, forcibly.

Gu Xijiu raised her hand to try and hit him, "No way!"

"Xijiu, dont be stubborn, I know you have it with you now," Long Siye then tried to aim and strike her.

Gu Xijiu was well prepared to avoid the hit. She could not care less about her hand that was still clasped in his. Aggressively, she turned her body away, thus escaping his sudden strike.

However, she could not escape the wrench in her hand. With a snap, Long Siye dislocated her hand! He looked shocked and finally let go of her hand.