The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 242

Chapter 242: Hmm..., Im Going Back On My Words!

Subconsciously, she turned her head to the side, and all she could see was a flashing purple light. It was Celestial Master Zuo!

Di Fuyi held her close in one arm and did not give Long Siye any chance to recover. He continuously struck Long Siye with his other arm. Despite only using one hand, the dazzling golden glow was even brighter than before, shining like the sun! He was still aiming to hit the ice coffin.

Long Siye fought back to try to tame his attacks. The green glow was dazzlingly bright that it became unpleasant to the eyes. It was clear that Long Siye was working very hard to try and capture the golden strikes with his hands.

Suddenly, the seemingly powerful golden strikes vanished into thin air, and Long Siye looked like he had thrown a dynamic punch at nothing! It was so powerful that he lost his balance and almost hurt his waist.

He stood up straight and held his head up, only to see that Di Fuyi was already carrying Gu Xijiu out of the palace. Both of them dashed off like a shooting star!

Di Fuyi's voice was still reverberating around the hall, "Overlord Long, what a nice you have! Ill have the same drink the next time I visit. I have to take care of a few things now, so long!"

Long Siyes face blackened. He dashed out the door only to hear the whispering sound of the wind. He managed to catch a glimpse of Di Fuyi carrying Gu Xijiu towards the back of a unicorn. The beast unleashed its wings and leaped unstoppably into the sky.

Long Siye shouted furiously, "Di Fuyi, you promised to take her away tomorrow!"

"Hmm..., I'm obviously going against my words now," Di Fuyi laughed. His laughter was still echoing in the air. Together, both Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu had disappeared into the sky riding his unicorn.

Gu Xijiu thought to herself. In her previous life, she used to admire fictional heroes in the games or movies who rode their birds and flew freely in the sky. She could not help but think that that must be the reason why she came to this era. The people here were all riding birds or flying beasts!

In her limited flying experience, the most attractive creature she had ridden on was this majestic flying beast. The unicorn resembled a horse, but it was even more beautiful. Its snow-white hair had a magical glow to it.

Its streamlined body reduced any resistance it had to air, and its muscular frame allowed it to move swiftly without trouble. It was perfect in every sense. The gentlest flap of its wings was enough to cause gusts of violent winds. The horn at the top of its head spiraled in the shape of a helix and was sharp like a lightning rod. It flickered with an indistinct hue of blue.

The best part of it was that even though it had to accommodate both of them on its back, they did not feel the slightest discomfort. There was no need to adjust for more room.

Both of them sat facing each other. Gu Xijiu was at the back, looking forward while Di Fuyi was in front of her, looking back.

Di Fuyi even placed an exquisite antique table in between them. The shape of this little table resembled a saddle made of an unknown material that illuminated a faint, multicolored glow. It looked entirely in sync with the external features of their unicorn. The little table came as a package to complement the beast and was not there in the middle just to distance them.

The unicorn flew very steadily, and this was proven when Di Fuyi filled a small glass on the table to its fullest, yet the drink did not spill at all.

During their flight, the body of the unicorn projected a thin layer of silver lights which looked like a bubble shielding them from the strong winds. All Gu Xijiu could feel was the slightest gust of winds gently stroking her face. The flight was a terrific experience.

Gu Xijiu was staring down most of the entire journey. Di Fuyi could not tell if she was looking down at his glass or losing herself in her train of thoughts.