The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Was It Because Of Long Siye?

"Is the glass attractive? Or are you trying to shatter the glass with your stare?" Di Fuyi sarcastically asked while swirling the glass in his hand.

She pulled herself out of her thoughts and took another careful look at the glass. Swiftly, she praised, "The glass is indeed attractive."

"It isn't just good. It is unique, the one and only. There won't be another set of these glasses in the entire world." Modesty did not exist in his dictionary. He displayed his glassware collection to her - there were a jar and two glasses, looking incredibly complementary.

Gu Xijiu responded in a low and weak hum as approval and fell back into silence.

Di Fuyi looked at her again, and a thought suddenly struck him, so he decided to join her in silence. Nonchalantly, he just sat there with one of his legs folded.

This little girl had always been smart and watchful with a high guard when she was around him. She had always been prepared to escape anytime, and she did successfully run away from him for several times, breaking his record for the number of times that he had to catch her. However, she seemed to have resigned herself to destiny this time and did not bother to do anything.

He assumed that it was all because of Long Siye. He was sure about it. Slowly, he poured himself another glass and tasted it.

Opposite him, Gu Xijiu was suddenly a little conscious. She stretched out her hands to pour herself a glass of drink too. Just when the glass was about to touch her lips, he placed a finger at the edge of the glass and said, "You cant drink it."

Gu Xijiu looked at him frustratedly and asked, "Why?" The fragrance of the drink was pleasant, so she was confused.

"Hmm, a child shouldnt drink this, itll affect your brain," Di Fuyi said while trying to take the glass away from her. "Im the only one here who deserves to use these unique glasses," he continued, icily.

Gu Xijiu passed the glass back to him indifferently.

Di Fuyi remained in silence. It took two to have a conversation. If one of them sat idly without any acknowledgment, the other one would evidently be displeased.

"Master! Master! Please dont be so distracted anymore, how can you be so inattentive in front of him? Dont you want to live another day?" There was a sudden wake-up call from the Firmament Stone in her head.

Gu Xijiu finally came to her senses. She held her head high and looked at Di Fuyi who was sitting opposite her. Her heart skipped a beat.

Di Fuyi's gaze locked on her with a pair of black eyes. There was something in his gaze that was unexplainable. It was almost tangible!

Gu Xijiu then closed her eyes for a while. She reopened them and looked around, only to realize there were masses of clouds around her.

She could not help but laugh at the thought of people referring to them as 'the golden couple.' The golden couple was a fairytale that she knew of in her previous life and there would inevitably be conspiracies if it were real.

"Youre wide awake now, arent you?" Di Fuyi spoke to her while he tapped his fingers on the table.

"Youre the only one who dares to daydream in front of me," Di Fuyi continued.

"Im sorry," Gu Xijiu replied.

"Was it because of Long Siye? Or was it because of the ice palace?" Di Fuyi asked curiously.

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrows and asked, "Is there any difference between the two?"

"Absolutely. If it was because of Long Siye, you were distracted because you were sad. But if it was because of the icehouse, you were distracted because you were deep in thought trying to figure out how to get rid of it, werent you?"

Gu Xijiu did not say another word.

"Why dont you answer me?" Di Fuyi asked. He was determined to find out the real reason.