The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 250

Chapter 250: If She Felt Pain, Then He Ought To Be In Severe Pain.

After puking, Gu Xijiu recovered from her dizziness. She immediately realized something was wrong. She flipped her wrist, and a long rope came out from her sleeve which hooked onto the horn of the unicorn.

Di Fuyi was ready to rescue her with his white ray. However, he was stunned when he saw what she did.

This little girl did not seem to be clumsy. She could save herself even when she was not entirely conscious.

Di Fuyi beat the body of the unicorn, "Fly properly! Otherwise, Ill cut off your horn!"

The unicorn trembled and slowed down. However, it felt uncomfortable as a person was hanging on its horn! It shook its head in frustration. As it shook its head, Gu Xijiu swirled one big round in the air.

Since she was an assassin in her previous life, her survival skills were well groomed. She could still find a way to survive even when she was unconscious!

While dangling in the air, she used her limbs to pull herself up onto the unicorn! Even though she still had a slight hangover, with the right technique, she knew that she could pull herself up onto the unicorn. Initially, she was thinking to land on the back of the creature. However, she ended up falling into Di Fuyi's arms when he was trying to clean his sleeves!

"Crash!" He almost fell off unicorn!

While the back of the unicorn was broad, it was not wide enough for them to be moving about. Everything happened too quickly, and Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi needed to be balanced to keep themselves on the unicorns back.

When both of them recovered from the collision, her mouth was on his head! Even Di Fuyi was shocked! This was the first time he shared such an intimate moment with someone.

"Ouch!" Gu Xijiu shouted in pain even though she was the one who knocked her teeth on his forehead! If she felt pain, then he ought to be in severe pain! Di Fuyi suspected that there would be a scar on his forehead!

"What is that!?" Gu Xijiu had a gemstone in her mouth! As she tried to clarify with Di Fuyi, she accidentally swallowed the stone! Di Fuyi suddenly trembled and stretched his hands out to push her away from the gem.

Gu Xijiu rolled off the unicorn again, but fortunately, it was just above a river. "Splash!" Gu Xijiu fell into the water.


The unicorn enjoyed swimming in the river and tried to wash away the dirt on its back.

Di Fuyi also soaked himself in the river to clean himself. However, this time, he did not clean Gu Xijiu. Previously, he would apply some magic to wash her, but that did not work anymore. He was probably upset as he had no patience while cleaning her.