The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 251

Chapter 251: My Chest Is Bigger Than Your Boobs

Gu Xijiu was struggling in his embrace, "What is biting me! Urgh!"

"Stop moving!" Di Fuyi decided to seal her acupoint; thus, she became well behaved. Her clothes and body were stained by dirt, especially the area under her neck and above her chest. Di Fuyi would need to remove her top if he wanted to clean it thoroughly.

The entire process would be much easier if Gu Xijiu were conscious.

Di Fuyi prioritized cleanliness and could not stand a tiny spot of dirt. Therefore, he removed her top to clean her. All he could think of at the time was that a smart little girl was hugging his arm. He sighed and regretted his decision to give her the alcohol earlier.

The real Gu Xijiu did not have a good life when she was alive; she used to be very skinny. However, now that someone else is occupying her body, she has been consuming more nutritious food and has become healthier.

She was still young, and it seems that she was late to puberty. Her chest was pretty flat. It was even flatter than a Xiao Long Bao. Honestly, it was almost the same as any man's chest.

Di Fuyi did not look at it even though he removed her top. All he could think of was the dirt that was on her body as he tried to clean her. However, he realized something was wrong after a short while. He moved his gaze back to her chest and then shook his head. He whispered, "Sweetheart, it's such an honor to you that I'm helping you to clean your body. No wonder you have so much knowledge in bust-firming, your body figure is terrible!"

Gu Xijiu was half awake while being cleaned. Her soul was only 20 years old. Hence, she felt quite sensitive about her chest. Right after Di Fuyi removed her top, she immediately opened her eyes and shouted at him, "Bastard! How could you molest me!? Im going to kill you!"

Although her acupoint was sealed, Di Fuyi only sealed her internal force. She could still move like normal. She was outraged and slapped him on his face.

Di Fuyi caught her hand, but she was very fast. Her left hand tried to slap him again even though he had trapped her right hand in his palm.

Of course, Di Fuyi would not get hit, and he quickly held both her hands. He turned her around with her back facing him while he locked both her hands with one of his hands. Gu Xijiu was extremely mad and suddenly kicked him!

Di Fuyi locked her leg between his legs and finally could control her. Now, Gu Xijiu could not move at all. Her face was flushed, and she cried after struggling,

"Bastard! Youre a jerk!"

Di Fuyi was speechless.

He just realized their current position was quite awkward. He was shocked and completely sealed Gu Xijiu's acupoint to restrict her movement. He then let go of her, "I was just trying to help you clean up."

As he saw her still staring at him madly, he continued, "Whats there for me to take advantage? My chest is even bigger than your boobs!"

Gu Xijiu was mad!

Although Gu Xijiu could drink 1000 glasses in her previous life, she was quite disciplined as an assassin and would not allow herself to get drunk. Therefore, she hardly got drunk since young.

The only time she got drunk was in front of Long Xi.