The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 255

Chapter 255: He Did Not Trust Her

Gu Xiju remained silent. It was evident that he still did not trust her. Di Fuyi cannot be blamed for this as she has escaped far too many times.

Anyway, she was willing to bear with the absence of her teleportation powers as she did not plan to escape anymore. She quickly ran towards the bush of rocks.

Di Fuyi felt slightly depressed as he watched her run further away. He decided to stop meditating and turned his body to face the rocks.

It only took a few seconds for Gu Xijiu to get there and she quickly went behind a rock to change. She was glad that the place was quite clean and there was not a single weed growing on the ground. Also, the boulders blocked the wind, so she felt warm there.

She was usually very careful in everything, so she checked the surroundings to ensure it was safe before she began to change. She was thoroughly wet. Hence, she needed to change everything.

Di Fuyis robe was too big for her, but luckily she had a pair of scissors in her possession to make some alterations.

She was very quick; she completed everything in two minutes! After getting everything ready, she took off her wet clothes and wiped herself. Later, she began to put on the clean clothes given to her by Di Fuyi. However, she suddenly stopped when she inserted one arm into the undershirt! There was something behind her!

Although the creature did not make any sound or show itself, Gu Xijiu could sense the danger. It was drawing closer just like a starved lion and was trying to attack her from the back. It was ready to attack!

Gu Xijiu did not turn around but instead tried to put on the undershirt. Suddenly, a yellow shadow rushed towards her back! It waited until Gu Xijiu put the clothes over the head so that she would get stuck even if she wanted to escape.

It claws were sharp, and its eyes were red!

"Crash!" Gu Xijiu fell on the ground, and the yellow shadow grabbed nothing but air. It leaped over Gu Xijius head and landed on the ground.

"Shoot!" Gu Xijiu raised her hand, and a white ray flashed. The white beam penetrated its abdomen instantly!

She stepped back to withdraw herself and at the same time, she also stabbed the chest of that creature.

"Ahhhhwoooooooo" The beast cried with a long howl, and the smell of blood began to spread in the air.

Gu Xijiu quickly got up, and managed to see the creature! She was shocked!

Was it a mastiff!

That animal looked similar to a Tibetan Mastiff. Its fur was very long, and its color looked similar to its surrounding. However, it was twice the size of a typical Tibetan Mastiff and had a sharp horn on its head.

There was a pair of red eyes hidden by its fur while its long fangs were exposed. It was shining under the moonlight.

It was incredibly fierce and was still standing there even though its abdomen was stabbed and bleeding severely! It was roaring in front of Gu Xijiu with its rear legs tensed and ready to attack!

What kind of beast was that!? How could it still survive!?

"Thunderbloods Mastiff! Run, master! Run!" The Firmament Stone shouted in her mind!