The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 259

Chapter 259: It Was Truly Her First Kiss!

It was strange as she remembered that she bit his lip earlier but she could not see any wounds or signs of injury. Recalling the scarring incident, she remembered that his mouth had unscrupulously invaded hers.

Gu Xijiu was so enraged that her ears were burning hot at this point! She was confused by the various feelings she was having.

It was truly her first kiss!

Though she used to like Long Xi in her previous life, it was merely a platonic kind of love. They did not share any couple-like intimacies, and they even barely held each other hands.

She suddenly felt that she had lost her first kiss so quickly for no reason! More wickedly, the man who kissed her was not even her friend!

"Why did you suddenly kiss me?" Gu Xijiu did not want to beat around the bush, so she went straight to the point.

For a moment, Di Fuyi was stunned as he did not expect her to be so direct. As soon as he recovered, he immediately laughed and retorted, "Give it a guess?"

What was there to guess?! How could she understand the crazy things he did?

A thought suddenly struck her though... Her teleportation powers! She seemed to get back her powers the moment she was kissed. Did his kiss effectively break the spell? What a freaky spell that would be!

She frowned and asked, "Was it to reactive my teleportation powers?"

"Clever!" Di Fuyi complimented her and supported her assertion.

Gu Xijiu was furious and stared directly at him before saying, "Dont tell me you do this to everyone who has their teleportation powers sealed?" If that were the case, his kiss would have been so worthless!

Di Fuyi swayed his finger, "No, only you have this strange power." In other words, she was the only one he kissed for this reason.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Di Fuyi suggested while looking at her, "My dear, though I had no choice when I kissed you if you want me to take responsibility for my actions"

"No! I won't let you take responsibility!" Gu Xijiu chimed in and rejected instantly.

Di Fuyi, ""

He seemed to be forcing a smile while looking at her, "I dont have to take responsibility? Are you sure you dont mind?"

He was not smiling sincerely, yet the air seemed to be filled with warmth. Though it was somewhat regretful to have lost her first kiss, Gu Xijiu did not want to be tied up for the rest of her life because of such a worthless kiss! Furthermore, they were not even friends. She still remembered that he was the one who would ultimately throw her into the Dark Forest to her face her fate!

After all this time, she still could not guess Di Fuyi's thoughts. Though it was his responsibility to verify anyone who has received a heavenly gift, he was overly-responsible about it! She had run away so many times, yet he would continuously chase her with perseverance! He seemed to want to throw her into the Dark Forest.

Was it because of jealousy?

Was he jealous that Long Siye was so kind to her?

It seemed that this was the only logical reason for the time being. This made Gu Xijiu question if the kiss was not intended to break the seal to her powers but rather to tie her to him so that she could no longer be with Long Siye.

Anyway, if he seriously wanted to stop Long Siye, he could just kill her instead of making her life difficult. In fact, he was making his own life difficult too. Was he not tired?

While Gu Xijiu was contemplating all these thoughts in her head, she remembered that beauty in the ice coffin. It seemed that Long Siye could resurrect her when the conditions were fulfilled. Di Fuyi probably thought that it would be useless to kill her because Long Siye could revive her again.