The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Do You Seriously Want to Kill Me?

Di Fuyi did not know what poison she used but her saber emitted seven colors which were quite pretty on the eyes. However, beautiful and mysterious things were usually more poisonous. Some examples were the toxic wood arrow, seven-colored snake, and also the girl who was in his arms.

This girl was as dazzling as the saber in her hand. Unlike a typical 10-year-old kid, she was absurdly calm. Some people acted, but she seemed to be naturally born with it.

All the girls of this world who saw Do Fuyi would drool over his status and great temperament, yet to this girl, everything was nonsense!

She did not even want to see him!

"Did you seriously want to kill me?" Di Fuyi lightly swept through the sharp edge of her saber with his finger.

As he was also proficient in poisons, he knew how poisonous her saber was. It would kill with just a little cut on the surface of the skin!

Then, he suddenly pointed his finger towards the edge, and bloody red drop of blood oozed out! Gu Xijiu was shocked! Did he not want to live anymore?! Why did he cut his finger when he knew it was poisonous!?

The blood immediately turned dark green, and his finger quickly turned green as well.

"Im poisoned." Di Fuyi said slowly, "Do you have the cure?"

Gu Xijiu, ""

Was he crazy?! How could he purposely have poisoned himself and asked for the cure?!

"No, I dont!" She snapped. Then, she looked at the poison on his finger quickly spread out towards his arm via his forearm, elbow, upper arm, etc. His tender and fair arm in his spacious sleeve had also turned green. It was so green that it looked terrifying. He would die as soon as it reached his heart!

Di Fuyi still did not want to heal himself but gazed upon her, "Are you sure you dont have the cure?"

Gu Xijiu replied instantly, "No!" She shifted her focus away.

"What a vicious little brat." Di Fuyi closed his eyes and finally released her.

Gu Xijiu jumped up away from him and calmly looked at him, "You help yourself! Bye!" She turned and teleported away.

Di Fuyi was speechless, "" He opened his eyes to look at his surroundings.

The stones hill was indeed very desolate. Nobody else could be seen as that little brat had indeed gone away!

Leaving him behind though he was poisoned. She was indeed vicious!


With a blink of an eye, she had teleported out about 3 km away and reappeared at a valley. The valley had lots of wild fruits growing, and the brilliant red fruits that were hanging on branches looked like apples. She wanted to teleport again but stopped when she saw these fruits. She jumped up on the tree and picked a few.

There was a stream flowing nearby as well, and she went there to wash those fruits before she took a bite of one of them.

The fruit was sour and sweet. It tasted average even though it had a sweet fragrance to it.

"Master, you shouldn't simply eat the fruits in the mountain. Aren't you afraid of being poisoned?" The Firmament Stone asked with urgency.

"Ive check. Its not poisonous." Gu Xijiu continued eating the fruit.

"Master, is the poison on your saber very poisonous?"

"Of course, it could kill as soon as it touches blood. It can kill an elephant in just a second too!"

"Then, as Di Fuyi has been poisoned, will he die?" The Firmament Stone felt unsure.

"As he can even break the Sterile Cappella Curse himself, he can easily cure himself too. Furthermore, if hes not certain that he can break the curse, he would not purposely have poisoned himself. This man is a pervert and cannot be reasoned with."