The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 274

Chapter 274: He Was Such An Evil Person

Di Fuyi stopped hitting him and lightly said, "You should have gone away."

He then flashed his sleeve, looked at the moon in the sky, and gently smiled at Tian Jiyue, "It is a quiet place with sufficient spiritual power for you to rest and restore your energy. Please rest well here and I believe that you will achieve good results."

After he finished his sentence, he called his Unicorn and happily went back with Gu Xijiu.

He was such an evil and perverse person!

He never stopped trapping and bullying people!

What was more appalling was that she also seemed to be an accomplice.

After all, Tian Jiyue had helped her before but she had unintentionally put him into trouble.

The problem was that she just did not know that the conversation Di Fuyi had with her was actually deliberately designed for Tian Jiyue who hid outside the cave.

No wonder Tian Jiyue had been so suspicious - Celestial Master Zuo had so many different ways to trap people!

Gu Xijiu looked at the Unicorn flying steadily and then looked at Di Fuyi who stood there like a fairy playing the flute leisurely. She suddenly had a question in her mind. "Why did the Unicorn fail to appear when Di Fuyi was injured but had only appear when he had recovered?"

Di Fuyi finished the full music piece and put down the flute. He stared at her, "How was the music I played just now?"

"It was good." Gu Xijiu gave him a simple comment.

"What are your thoughts about it?"

"I am not able to play such music."

Di Fuyi remained silent. He sighed, "I think you should fawn over me at this moment."

"Would you stop testing me if I fawned over you? Or will you be less strict towards me?"

"No!" "Di Fuyi answered firmly.

"If I dont fawn you, are you going to take revenge on me during the test?"

"Absolutely not."

"Yes, I had also thought you were an ethical person. In that case, why would I want to fawn over you?"

Di Fuyi remained silent.

He smiled "You are a very interesting girl." He suddenly took out a jade table full of dishes out nowhere. There were even two big fishes on the table.

"We will reach the city after an hour. After the test tomorrow you will be sent to the Dark Forest. I am not sure if I can still see you after this. I am sensing an impending sense of loss, so this table of dishes is prepared for you as a farewell gift."

Gu Xijiu smiled and remained silent. She then picked up the chopsticks and started to eat.

Apparently, the fishes were taken from the fish feast prepared by Long Siye. Unexpectedly, they were still fresh and warm as though they were just cooked.

The taste was also the same taste as what Long Siye had cooked, which was also the exact same taste of her own cooking.

After taking two bites, Gu Xijiu started to plan to change her way of cooking a fish


It was a fine weather out there.

The sun was exceptionally warm during the autumn.

There was news spreading around just like the strong wind blowing through the streets in Feixing Kingdom.

The weak daughter of General Gu was going to take the test at Open Heaven Stage in the afternoon today.

Early in the morning, people caught wind of the news started to head to the Open Heaven Stage. All the roads that led to the Open Heaven Stage were filled a jostling crowd.

Of course, the restaurants near the Open Heaven Stage were overcrowded too.

Restaurant Jingtian was one of these restaurants.

This restaurant was not a small-scale restaurant; they served expensive dishes. It was usually 30 to 40 percent full but today, it was very crowded and was at a full-house capacity!

People who could get a seat there was someone who was either rich or served in the government.