The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 279

Chapter 279: It Is So Obvious

The person who came out from the white car was a lady who was wearing a white robe. Her face was veiled and only a pair of watery eyes could be seen. Although she was wearing a large robe that covered her body figure, the way she walked showed illustrated that she was indeed a beautiful lady.

The crowd under the stage was holding their breaths!

The residents in Feixing Kingdom felt that these were the luckiest days of their lives. A few days ago, they managed to meet the Overlord of the Tianwen clan and both Celestial Master Zuo and Celestial Master You. Today, they managed to meet the Overlord of Jiuxing clan and Yinyang clan at the same time! It was simply a miracle!

It was because these five people never showed up on regular days and now they showed up in unison within a few days!

Although these great men masked their original look when they showed up in front of the public, it was enough to excite everyone about their appearance.

Of course, since these two came from two different countries and were also the imperial advisor of the Haoyue Kingdom and the Zhaoyang Kingdom, the crowd could still relatively restrain their emotions and neither cheered nor kneel down. They just bowed to greet them.

"The man in the red robe was the Overlord of Jiuxing clan. His name was Qian Yueran and he practices the fire spiritual talent. He is also the imperial advisor of Haoyue Kingdom. He is now 93 years old. The lady in white is the Overlord of Yinyang clan. Her name was Hua Wuyan and she practices the water spiritual talent. She is also the imperial advisor of Zhaoyang Kingdom. She is now 86 years old" The Firmament Stone started to read the information aloud to Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu just remained silent.

She was amazed at these great men on the continent. Although they were already of old age, they looked good and youthful. Apparently, this was the benefit of upgrading to a very high level of spiritual power. It could not only extend one's life but also maintained their beauty.

"Master, I think you should think about the reason behind their arrival, instead of commenting on their beauty." The Firmament Stone complained.

Gu Xijiu was disdained, "It is so obvious. The public test requires two deputies and they had to be someone who holds a high position or the heaven's gift disciple. Since Long Siye had kidnapped me once, he should be removed as the deputy. Celestial Master You, Tian Jiyue, was injured since the fight last night, thus he must be hiding somewhere to restore his powers and cannot be the deputy anymore. Therefore, apparently, these two people had been invited by Di Fuyi at the very last minute."

When she finished explaining to the Firmament Stone, the two people had jumped down from the sky to the Open Heaven Stage.

When Qian Yueran jumped down, he did not have many methods but had only jumped down directly onto the stage. However, when he reached the stage, his footsteps were very light and gentle without even so much as a squeak of a noise.

It was such good Qing Gong!

Gu Xijiu was the expert in that art, so she secretly praised his good Qing Gong.

The Overlord of Yinyang clan (Hua Wuyan) was flying down slowly with grace. She even made a flip in the air before she landed on the stage. When she landed, it was soft and quiet too but from the way she landed, Gu Xijiu knew that her Qing Gong was not as good as Qian Yueran's.

However, her Qing Gong was also considered as one of the top in the continent.

Qian Yueran asked in a cool and bright voice, "Brother Di, did I come late? The moment I received your urgent mail, I departed from my place immediately. You can see that my flamingo is exhausted now."

When Hua Wuyan landed on the stage, she smiled and greeted Di Fuyi, "Fuyi, how are you doing?" Her voice was sweet and clear, sounding like that of a young teenage girl's.