The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Special Admiration

Hua Wuyan sighed softly, "It is the first time seeing a small child publicly announcing that she was the heaven's gift. She is brave."

Qian Yueran also scanned Gu Xijiu from head to toe. His eyesight was very aggressive as though he could look through Gu Xijius skin, right into her bones. After a while, he was shocked, "I heard that she has no spiritual power. How come I can see a level two spiritual power in her body?"

This man had sharp eyes!

Gu Xijiu kept her mouth zipped and did not speak.

"Her veins were blocked so I used some medicine to smoothen it." Di Fuyi answered leisurely.

Hua Wuyan was stunned for a moment. She looked at Di Fuyi with mixed feelings. She wanted to say something but hesitated, and did not end up speaking at all.

Qian Yueran raised his eyebrows and looked at Di Fuyi curiously, "It should not be a normal blockage in her veins, or else General Gu would have solved it in the early stages and will not allow for a weak physique, especially for this long. Apparently, it can't be cured easily. Did you use a special medicine to cure it? I didn't know that you are so generous."

He was very direct and did not try to sugar-coat his thoughts.

Because of this, he had a very strong curiosity towards Gu Xijiu. He walked around her and asked, "What is so special about this little girl that drives you to have such a special admiration for her?"

Di Fuyi laughed, "Do you want me to have that special admiration for you again?"

Qian Yueran seemed to recall something. He winced and waved it off, "No, I dont want that!"

Hua Wuyan laughed softly at the side and said, "Fuyi does not simply admire people. Before he admires you, he will let you endure a painful process. I remember the last time when he especially admired me, I almost lost my life. Now when I reminisce, I am still feeling frightened."

Three of them were recalling their past memories and ignored Gu Xijiu.

From their conversation, Gu Xijiu could draw two conclusions. First, three of them had a good relationship. Second, Di Fuyi had always enjoyed pranking others. However, there was a limit to his pranks - it would not cause any deaths.

It was the same even if he was pranking his opponent, like Celestial Master You.

If he had seriously fought last night, he could have probably killed Celestial Master You.

But in the end, he still let him go

Gu Xijiu recalled the moment when she was with Di Fuyi. It seemed like he was treating her the same way the others did.

Hua Wuyan finally remembered that Gu Xijiu was the main character of the day. She smiled at her, "Miss Gu must have gone through the same thing. He always showers potential heaven's gift disciples with special treatment so you don't have to worry too much about that."

Gu Xijiu also smiled at her, "Of course, I am not worried about that. I feel honored that Celestial Master Zuo was treating me the same way as both Overlords did ."

She then looked up at the sky. The sun was already on the top of their heads. She looked at Di Fuyi, "It's getting late. Can we start now? I think it's not too late for you guys to reminisce after my completing the test."

The three of them were stunned and remained silent.

Di Fuyi had not talked to her and had not looked at her ever since they landed at the Open Heaven Stage. Now finally he looked at her and tried to read her facial expression.