The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 285

Chapter 285: What Do Both of You Think?

Hua Wuyan shook her head lightly. She had experienced it herself, so she knew that the Five-Colored Light Block would disperse and disappear after a little while.

She could not help sigh, "Looks like she really isnt " Halfway through her sentence, she suddenly choked up and opened her eyes widely.

To her surprise, all the colors of the Five-Colored Lightning Snake started to blend and merge with Gu Xijiu's body, disappearing from sight one by one.

Moments later, the Five-Colored Light Block disappeared. All the Lightning Snakes were nowhere to be seen. Gu Xijius body was radiating all five colors of rays, but these rays did not sprawl along the Eight Diagrams. Instead, the rays were all surrounding her and formed a halo from behind. She was shrouded in the brilliant rays as if she was carrying Buddhas infinite light.

Hua Wuyan and Qian Yueran were in shock.

Everyone else was confused.

Except for Di Fuyi and another two overlords, all who were present at the scene had no idea what would actually happen if she was proven to be endowed as the chosen one.

The Emperor began to speak, "Celestial Master Zuo, is it enough to prove that Xijiu is the chosen disciple?"

Instead, Di Fuyi looked towards Hua Wuyan and Qian Yueran, "What do both of you think?"

Hua Wuyan was prudent. She turned and looked at Qian Yueran.

Qian Yueran was indeed frank and outspoken, "Her situation was more like an anomaly. It didnt, however, seem like the kind of situation thatd happen on a chosen disciple, so I dont think that shes a chosen disciple."

Hua Wuyan agreed smilingly, "Brother Qian and I share the same opinion."

After listening to both of them, the crowd of people started to make a hubbub of noises and voices of their own opinions some said it was so, some said it was unexpected that she turned out not to be the chosen one, some felt sorry for her, some enjoyed watching the fun and some simply took pleasure in her misfortune. There were all kinds of people, too many to enumerate.

Leng Xiangyu was delighted at heart. Yet, she sighed to pretend to be sorry.

However, Gu Tianyi did not hide her amusement. She laughed, "Thats what I said, how could she possibly be the chosen disciple? Shes obviously craving for something shes not worthy for. How dare a useless trash address herself as the chosen one. So now shes making a fool of herself in front of others?"

"Tianyi, dont talk nonsense!" Leng Xiangyu reprimanded, "After all, she is your sister. Shes also a lady from our Generals Residence. Moreover, Celestial Master Zuo hasnt concluded anything yet."

Only Celestial Master Zuo had the final say to decide whether or not she was the chosen disciple. The two great overlords were merely witnesses.

All of them turned their attention to Celestial Master Zuo, waiting for him to give the final verdict.

Instead, Di Fuyi was looking at Gu Xijiu. Gu Xijiu could not tell from his expression as a mask had covered up his face. She could only see that there was splendor in his eyes, but could not quite put a finger on what his mood was.

"How do you feel?" asked Di Fuyi. He was obviously asking Gu Xijiu, who had just been released from the chains of the pillar.

Gu Xijiu moved her hands and feet for a bit to feel the agility, "Not bad." There was something burning in her bloodstream, but it was bearable.

"Youre not the chosen disciple," said Di Fuyi. He did not raise his voice, but it was loud enough to be heard across the square.

Gu Xijiu looked down, not saying a word.

The result of the test was expected. She was not surprised.

Initially, the people were not bewildered by the result. However, hearing the final announcement made by Di Fuyi himself had caused an uproar, regardless.

Even though the result was already within their expectation, people would still anticipate for a miracle of change to happen. Now that the revelation was made, it was completely expected some were disappointed, shook their heads, hissed at the result, swore at it, while the rest were making fun of it.