The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 286

Chapter 286: A Spree

The hubbub of noises had caused chaos, spreading across the crowd.

There were some masters among the crowd who indulged in eloquent talks in a high sounding way. As all of them possessed spiritual power, their voices had certainly become unusually loud.

One of the loudest ones had to be Gu Tianyi. "Embarrassing! This is too embarrassing! She has humiliated the General. Just because she possesses some medical knowledge, she's then completely forgotten her useless worth. She even dared to impersonate the chosen disciple - how shameless. We, from the General Residence, are ashamed of her!"

"Haha. Exactly, this is hilarious. I wondered how powerful she could be, but she's turned out to be merely mediocre." Some of the people agreed almost instantly.

"The idiot who dreamed of reaching the sky in a single bound has now been completely exposed with her true colors. An idiot will always be an idiot, anywhere, anytime"The crowd continued.

"Her medical skill could also be fake. It was probably sheer luck that she managed to even cure the sick boy that one time."

"Exactly, her medical skill must be totally incomparable to the Tianwen saint. That time was probably just a lucky coincidence."

"Sigh, as the saying goes, empty cans make the loudest noise. Shes really ugly and empty"

All kinds of nasty and vicious comments started to surface from the crowd; loud enough to be heard from the stage.

Di Fuyi could hear them, so could Gu Xijiu.

Being mocked publicly in such a scornful manner was unbearable.

There was only one way to describe the scenario.

It was as if a celebrity had just been publicly exposed with her scandal and was encircled by the endless flashing lights. She would then be harshly condemned both in speech and in writing. The amount of public pressure must be really devastating.

It was like a spree; a spree of condemnation.

Everyone was like the league of justice, as though they were on a morally higher ground, empowered enough to mock and condemn her, even though the issue had nothing to do with them, even though she might as well be innocent.

Di Fuyi looked at Gu Xijiu with his eyes half closed. Gu Xijiu puckered her lips, not saying a word. She acted fully at ease as though the public accusation had nothing to do with her. Underneath the sleeves, all she could feel was the coldness at the tip of her fingers.

Di Fuyi raised his hand and signaled the crowd. He uttered, "Silence! Celestial Master Zuo has something more to say!"

His voice was not exceptionally high-pitched, but it was enough to seize the crowd in an instant, lowering all their voices.

The crowd went silent; patiently waiting for Di Fuyis next move.

Expectedly, it was time for him to take care of the matters regarding Gu Xijiu.

Leng Xiangyu looked at the stage with her eyes wide open, eagerly waiting for Gu Xijiu to receive the punishment. The punishment was more like a relief for her hatred, so she could finally feel better.

Di Fuyi started speaking. He sounded completely relaxed, "She was not the chosen disciple, but her Kung Fu was in fact extraordinary. Shed absorbed all the rays from the Five-Colored Lightning Snake and shes now shimmering in seven colors. Doesn't she remind you of anyone?"

The crowd was in a state of confusion.

Only Hua Wuyan and Qian Yueran were hit by a sudden realization.

Qian Yueran said it out loud, "The Lord!"

The words were like a spell that hit the crowd and silence them right away. The square was so quiet that one would easily hear the sound of a pin dropping onto the floor.

Di Fuyi smiled. "Exactly, it is the Lord. Her Kung Fu is deeply related to the Lord," said Di Fuyi, word by word.

His words spread across the square like a ripple. The people were so confused.

It was the Lord.

The idea of the chosen one was slightly vague and insubstantial, which made it difficult for most people to understand, but the fact that the Lord was the one true God on earth was something that most people would agree upon.

Gu Xijius Kung Fu was related to the God that was worshiped by thousands of people. This could even prove that she was the disciple of the Lord.

Gu Xijiu was in shock.

She could not understand the relationship between her and the Lord. The closest she had ever got to him was that time she took away the robe from the Lords jade statue.