The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 289

Chapter 289: She Secretly Tightened Her Fingers in Her Sleeve

Strangely, based on the obsession Long Siye had, he was supposed to attend to watch the test even though he could not be the deputy tester.

Perhaps, he had something else to do?

Or he was hiding somewhere else to watch the scene?

She secretly clasped her fingers in her sleeve!

Long Xi used to be the trainer in the assassins training camp, hence, he had very good knowledge in planning. He knew her very well, as much as he understood his closest assistants.

Besides, he has been living in this world for so many years and had also become an overlord. His skill and knowledge of strategizing must have improved.

Basically, Gu Xijiu and Long Siye had completely become enemies. It must be a tough time for Gu Xijiu if Long Siye really wanted to set her up...

When she was idling, she suddenly heard a chaos underneath. She took a look and found a row of crowd kneeling on the ground.

In shock, she realized Gu Tianyi was in the crowd!

There were a few more of them which looked familiar to Gu Xijiu. They were those female knights who were cursing her in the restaurant this morning.

Apparently, their acupoints have been sealed and they were forced to kneel down. They looked miserable. While there were eight beautiful ladies wearing green dresses standing behind them.

Gu Xijiu got agitated. She knew the eight ladies, they were the servants in the Fucang Hall!

One of them was her friend; she had even set her up once, Mo Yuyan...

Mo Yuyan was reporting to Di Fuyi who was still standing on the stage, "Celestial Master, Ive brought those who intentionally accused and insulted Miss Gu with their leader. None is absent."

Di Fuyi randomly took a look and then turned around to ask, "Your Majesty, can I check with you what the punishment is for those who simply insulted the disciple of The Lord?"

The Emperor was mad and ordered his officer, "Arrest all of them, remove their Kung Fu and cut off their tongues! Send them to the land of snow!"

The snow land was a frozen land without any signs of life. No one would be able to return or survive once they were sent there.

Those people immediately screamed and begged for forgiveness. They claimed that they were innocent and it was a misunderstanding. Some even swore they did not insult Gu Xijiu and continuously kowtowed for Di Fuyi to seek fair judgment.

Di Fuyi looked at them with a cold gesture; everyone immediately shut their mouths.

He smiled gently, "Ill only give you a chance and you better listen carefully! If you point out who is the mastermind behind this, Ill only remove your tongue, and the rest will be spared. But if you are going to tell me utter nonsense, Ill double the punishment!"

The group of ladies was in total silence.

No one would ever doubt the words of Celestial Master Zuo, hence, even though they were not happy with the condition, they still decided to point at the same person at the same time, "Its her!"

The one they were pointing at was Gu Tianyi. Her face was pale. She quickly knelt down and wanted to argue. However, the aura of Celestial Master Zuo was too powerful and she only managed to curl her body up and secretly seek help from her father with a pitiful gaze.

In fact, Gu Xietian had heard what she had cursed since the beginning. However, he was standing on the same platform at the Emperor, otherwise, he would have slapped her in the face earlier. He thought to teach her a lesson when they return home.

He felt a wave of pity for her, but at the same time, he was also mad at her. He pondered and then knelt down before Di Fuyi, "Celestial Master Zuo!"