The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Someone Had Used Him!

The Emperor immediately issued a decree, "Gu Tianyi has neglected all moralities; she had set her sister up and secretly instructed others to insult the disciple of The Lord. She deserves the punishment for the sake of justice. Someone, please bring her down! Remove her tongue and destroy her Kung Fu! Send her to the snow land after destroying her tendons! As for the rest, remove all their tongues and kick them out of the city; never allow them to enter the capital ever again!"

The royal army immediately responded and then brought them away.

Gu Tianyi was frightened! She wanted to beg for forgiveness but she felt numb. She had been dragged away helplessly with a cloth stuffed into her mouth by the royal army.

That was a great warning to others, as those who had also insulted Gu Xijiu previously was frightened and immediately shut their mouths!

The test had finally ended. Gu Xijiu walked past Qian Yueran before she stepped down from the stage, "You have been cast by magic."

Qian Yueran was stunned, and asked, "Wh...What!?"

Gu Xijiu smiled and then left without a response.

Qian Yueran was stunned for a while. Someone tapped on his shoulder; Di Fuyi said, "Ive told you that youve lost your mind, go back and reflect on yourself!"

Qian Yueran remained silent.

As a disciple of the heaven's gift and also the overlord of Jiuxing, his life was rich in many different experiences and knowledge. He pondered, and realized something after recalling what he had done earlier!

Damn it! Someone had used him!

He tried to figure out and finally realized the only magic which could control him was the Water Magic!

Water Magic!?

The magic was like water, able to infuse into the bloodstream and control part of the mind. It could lead a person to say something they did not usually say.

Suddenly, his fingers were tightening!

Who the hell dared to do this to him?!

Who was the one who casted magic on him!?

There was not many magicians in the world, only a few thousands of people practiced it.

However, almost every one of the few thousands knew the Water Magic!

It would be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack for him to find out who was the culprit...


Leng Xiangyu was depressed and followed the crowd to leave the platform. She did not hear anything, even when the people who were sitting on the same platform had made fun of her. She realized that her legs were numb and she was unable to stand properly.

She almost fell and crashed on Gu Xietian!

She felt even more numb now and subconsciously bent her knees to greet, "General."

Gu Xietian was so mad when he saw Leng Xiangyu.

It must be her who caused trouble to his daughters one by one!

If it was not for her, Gu Tianyi would not have behaved like that, and neither would Gu Tianqing do something so embarrassing!

Gu Xietian would have slapped her in the face if they were not in public! At that moment, he said, "Ill teach you a lesson when were home!" He then got into his carriage and told the cart driver to go.

Leng Xiangyu was feeling down in the dumps. As she came with her child, she actually got her own carriage.

Amongst all the other daughters, Gu Tianyi was closer to her, while rest had been trying to avoid her.

Her legs were numb. However, none of the other daughters were willing to help her but laughed at her instead.

She tried very hard to get onto the carriage. Suddenly, she was shocked!

She saw the red dress lady appearing under the porch again!

She was wearing the same outfit with a veiled hat which has covered her face!