The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Reunions are Always a Story to be Told

The lady in the red dress answered coldly, "Its not necessary to see him."

Reunions are always a story to be told, however, reunions are not always as easy as we think it would be. There are many things which we could never turn back after an argument.

"Its so annoying to see that woman taking over your place!" The young lady in the green dress expressed angrily.

The lady in the red dress did not respond to her.

"Our master doesnt give a sh*t about that place!" Another young lady said, "He doesn't deserve our master!"

"You're right. Our master only cares about Miss Xijiu. Sigh, she didn't have to suffer for so long if our master didn't undergo amnesia"

The lady in the red dress raised her hand to hint silence, "Both of you seem very busy huh? Are you done with what Ive instructed you to do earlier?"

"Yes, master! Everything is ready!"

The lady in the red dress nodded, "Then, we should go!"

Three shadows then disappeared from the roof.


Three days have passed.

The Generals residence had been a hive of activity in the last three days.

The princes, Duchess, and the extended families of the royal family were busy visiting the Gu family.

Apparently, all of them came to see Gu Xijiu, but she had no interest in meeting them. Thus, she told them that she was under the weather.

After Leng Xiangyu returned, Gu Xietian kept her in a quiet courtyard with the reason that she failed to educate the daughters well.

Although he did not divorce her for his son, he took back her authority as the female master of the family and promoted one of his mistresses, who was quite close to Gu Xijiu.

That was because many of the government servants and royal families would visit them and it was definitely inappropriate if he allows a mistress to serve them. Therefore, he promoted the mistress to be his legal wife who had an equivalent status as Leng Xiangyu, so that she could serve them with a more suitable identity.

The mistresses in the Gu family had finally realized who was the one they should please. They then suddenly became very passionate in meeting Gu Xijiu.

If Gu Xietian did not issue an order to prevent people from disturbing Gu Xijiu, all of them could not wait to greet Gu Xijiu twice a day.

Although Leng Xiangyu was still the official wife, she had been completely ignored and locked in that quiet courtyard. She did not even have a close servant to stay with her but an old aunt instead.

Many years ago, Leng Xiangyu told someone to punish the old aunt because of a minor mistake and she almost lost one of her legs. Even now, her leg was still in pain when she walks. Now, she was definitely not happy as she was assigned to serve Leng Xiangyu. Sometimes, she did not even prepare a meal for her.

Birds of a feather, flock together.

Since Leng Xiangyu was recognized as the official wife, she had changed all the supervisors to only those she trusted.

Leng Xiangyu was an evil person who did not keep her promises. Those people who she hired had a similar character as she did. They always bullied the weak and tend to please the affluent community, those who they can benefit from.

Those people rushed to please her when she was in power, however, none of them were with her now. The meals they prepared for the servants were even much better than her meals; some of the food was even spoilt...

Although Leng Xiangyu told those supervisors to torture Luo Xinglan many years ago when she was trapped in the quiet courtyard, some of the loyal servants secretly delivered some clothes and food to her.

However, none of the servants had secretly paid a visit to Leng Xiangyu.