The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Im Not Eager To Be Your Official Wife!

When he became rich, he successfully attracted more and more girls. One of them was Leng Xiangyu, who was one of the government servant's daughters in the capital city. She born in an average family, who looked polite and gentle - a complete opposite of Luo Xinglan.

Leng Xiangyu bumped into a group of burglars on the way to the temple for prayers, Luo Xinglan saved her life. However, she was injured and Luo Xinglan decided to bring her home for treatment. It was then, that Leng Xiangyu had the chance to meet Gu Xietian...

Gu Xietian could not control himself as discovered how gentle Leng Xiangyu was. Therefore, he broke his promise to Luo Xinglan as he promised her that he would only marry her as his wife for the rest of his life. However, he secretly married Leng Xiangyu and kept her somewhere else.

At that time, Luo Xinglan had a son, named Gu Tiannuo. When he was five years old, Leng Xiangyu also delivered a son and she intentionally had the news spread to Luo Xinglan.

Since Luo Xinglan already knew about this, Gu Xietian insisted on bringing Leng Xiangyu and her son to the family without taking Luo Xinglans opinion into consideration.

Gu Xietian had become a General with a powerful authority. To him, he had done his best to recognize her as his official wife. In order to teach Luo Xinglan a lesson, he intentionally neglected her and slept with Leng Xiangyu every night. He refused to visit or show any care to Luo Xinglan for three years, and even hardly spoke a word to Gu Tiannuo.

While Leng Xiangyu was good at pretending, she often visited Luo Xinglan to indulge in conversations with her.

However, Luo Xinglan was a hot-tempered person. She had never been courteous to Leng Xiangyu, as she kept driving her up the wall. She either refused to see Leng Xiangyu or showered her with a lot of sarcasm.

At that time, Leng Xiangyu was already a mother to a son and a daughter. Both of them were talented in martial arts.

Coupled with the news of Gu Tianqing being a genius of martial arts, Leng Xiangyu tried to show off in front of Luo Xinglan again.

Of course, she was acting politely but every single phrase was sarcastic and finally, she successfully got the better of Luo Xinglan. She drove Luo Xinglan mad and even wanted to hit her. Leng Xiangyu would have died if there were no security guards to control her.

Leng Xiangyu had many spies in the residence. Eventually, the news of her being hit by Luo Xinglan had spread to the ear of Gu Xietian. Gu Xietian rushed to the scene and slapped Luo Xinglan in the face. She rolled a few rounds of the floor and her mouth bled...

Gu Xietian felt remorseful for slapping her, but he did not want to show his guilt in front of the servants...

He could never forget Luo Xinglan's expression when she glared at him - it was as cold as the frozen mountain.

He had never seen that kind of expression on her face before. It made her feel scared and anxious. Without knowing what to respond, he yelled at her, "You deserve it! You're not allowed to be jealous from now onwards! This is just a small lesson for you; if you do it again, I'll remove your title as my official wife!"

He thought he had successfully threatened her and was ready to leave together with Leng Xiangyu. Unexpectedly, Luo Xinglan voiced out from behind, "General Gu, lets file for a divorce. Im not eager to be your official wife anymore!"

In that generation, it was common for a man to divorce a woman. However, when a woman proposed a mutual divorce, it had meant the woman divorced the man instead...

Gu Xietian thought she was throwing her tantrum and was disrespecting him. He did not bother about what she had said but instead, ordered a servant, "Madame has gone crazy! Send her back!" He then left the place with Leng Xiangyu.