The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 298

Chapter 298: As Though She Was Looking At Trash

When they arrived the Generals residence, Luo Xinglan arrived at the same time. She even smiled and hinted Gu Xietian to spend some time and enjoy himself with the two dancers...

Gu Xietian could not see any jealousy or anger in her eyes.

Gu Xietian was extremely mad and dragged her back to her courtyard. Once again, he forced himself on her.

Ever since they got married, Luo Xinglan had never crazily rejected his requests for sexual intercourse. Although he succeeded, Luo Xinglan had left many bleeding scratches on his face and body. He could never forget her glares which were brimming with hatred, as though she was looking at trash or a beast!

She has triggered his nerves again and he left after slamming the door.

He found her to be too arrogant. There were so many gentle girls outside, why would he even bother to take a 30 year old womans emotion into consideration?

He felt he should punish her more and change her.

Therefore, he started a series of punishments.

For example, he moved her from a nice courtyard to a broken one. She was left with one servant, from eight previously, and she was locked in the courtyard.

He cut her meal budget from more than ten dishes in every single meal to two.

Needless to say, both the master and the servant shared a meal or starved together when the food was not delivered in a timely fashion.

That was during the winter, when it was snowing all the time. There was no firewood in her courtyard and the room was as cold as a freezer.

Leng Xiangyu had taken over the managing authority from Luo Xinglan, as she has been locked in her courtyard.

Gu Xietian did not check on her for almost half a year and he even allowed the mistresses and servants to bully her secretly...

Besides, he had always brought his mistresses into the courtyard next to Luo Xinglan's, to have fun there. They played music and games, and enjoyed delicious food. Gu Xietian knew Luo Xinglan would definitely smell the aroma of the food and take notice of his presence.

That was not the worst thing he could do. Gu Xietian even neglected Gu Tiannuo and prioritized his other children. He put all the blame on Gu Tiannuo even when he was not at fault, but that of the other siblings. And every single time when he scolded Gu Tiannuo, he deliberately chose to do it when they were just beside Luo Xinglan's courtyard, so that she could hear it.

Gu Tiannuo was already 11 years old. He used to be a happy kid but gradually turned to depression. He wanted to visit his mother so badly but he was not allowed to do so.

The objective of Gu Xietian was to let Luo Xinglan know that he was the master of the family and the only way to have a better life was to please him...

He was not aware that his random desire had caused her to be pregnant. His torture had wrecked her menstrual cycle and she only discovered that she was pregnant when the baby was about four months old in her womb. The critical environment she was in and the depression she faced had drove her to malnutrition. This indirectly led to the malnutrition of the fetus...

A healthy and strong female knight had turned into a scrawny lady in half a year.

This was all until Gu Tiannuo succeeded in seeing his mother after breaking into the courtyard. He panicked when he knew his mother was pregnant, and even fainted from high fever. The one and only servant was also in a state of panic...

Gu Tiannuo took the risk to break into his fathers meeting hall (Baihu Hall). An 11 year old boy knelt down on the floor with a pair of teary eyes and kept kowtowing to his father. He even hurt his forehead while begging the general to save his mother.

Gu Xietian had finally found out that Luo Xinglan was pregnant. He was shocked by the news and quickly rushed to Luo Xinglan's courtyard.