The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Two Options

He realized Luo Xinglan had grown so thin, with a baby bump protruding from her belly. He had no idea whether Luo Xinglan had a strong determination or that the fetus was meant to live, as she had been released by the God of Death after a series of rescue work.

Gu Xietian was guilty and quickly moved Luo Xinglan out from the broken courtyard and got the servants to prepare a wide array of nutritious food for her.

Luo Xinglan had changed to be another person since she moved out from the broken courtyard. She always looked towards a specific direction and did not move at all for half a day.

She refused to talk to anyone.

Luckily, she ate whatever food which was prepared for her and she finally grew slightly meatier than before.

In fact, there were a few occasions in the palace. Gu Xietian had rejected the attendance on behalf of Luo Xinglan with the reason of her not feeling well and had brought Leng Xiangyu along instead.

The Emperor had invited all the government servants again for dinner after Luo Xinglan moved out from the broken courtyard. This time, he told Gu Xietian to bring Luo Xinglan along and he also specially granted her a cozy chariot...

Gu Xietian anxiously brought her along and surprisingly, he returned fruitfully.

During dinner, the baby was appointed to be engaged to one of the princes in the future if it was a baby girl. However, the Emperor did not specially mention which prince would marry the baby girl even though there were a few of them were within the same age to be engaged.

Two months later, Luo Xinglan had delivered a premature baby girl, which was Gu Xijiu.

With a premature delivery coupled with malnutrition, the five-month-old baby still looked very tiny and fell sick frequently. Luo Xinglan thought the baby might not be able to survive.

She had gradually turned better but she was not passionate about life anymore; everything seemed to be unimportant to her.

Gu Xietian finally felt relieved when the family had returned to its peace.

He had terminated Luo Xinglan's house arrest and even allowed her to pray in the temple nearby. Of course, there were a few servants and guards that followed her closely.

However, he did not expect Luo Xinglan to plan another escape. At one point, she brought Gu Xijiu along to pray and successfully escaped with the help offered from her senior disciple!

However, things were not going smoothly. Gu Xietian was running some errands nearby and immediately rushed over when he got the news. He was mad and kept searching with his subordinates and they finally came to the end of the cliff.

It was a borderless ocean right at the bottom of the cliff with many strange rocks. Gu Xietian gave Luo Xinglan two options as he looked at her helpless face. One, to follow him home and he would forget about the incident today. Second, to catch her and remove her title as the official wife and she could only be his mistress.

Gu Xietian could not bear the insult of his wife trying to run away with another man. Therefore, he had the idea of killing her senior disciple regardless of Luo Xinglans decision...

He thought she would obey him after giving her the two options.

However, things seemed to go beyond his imagination. Luo Xinglan glared at him coldly and laughed as she raised her head. She chose the third option and jumped off the cliff with her baby!

The baby suddenly cried when they were in mid-air.

She felt a wave of sympathy for the baby and tried her best to throw the baby up to the cliff as she fell into the ocean...

Coincidentally, Gu Tiannuo who just arrived at the scene had seen everything. Initially, it was already difficult for him to forgive what his father had done to his mother, and now, he decided to burn bridges with Gu Xietian and left the family. He accidentally entered the Dark Forest and there, his news had stopped at its entrance...