The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Nobody Knew What He was Thinking About

"Didnt succeed?" Gu Xijiu repeated again and teased, "General Gu, do you feel that your little girl deserves to be bullied to death? And that she also deserves to be plotted against and killed by your other daughter? Gu Tiannuo and your little girl Gu Xijiu had actually been marked and killed too! Are you treating Luo Xinglan fair enough? Is this how you show your remorse towards her?!"

Gu Xietian, ""

"Sometimes, a word of apology is unable to solve resentments or bring someone back. Im treating you fair enough for not hitting you in this case of Gu Tianqing! General Gu, please do go back and stop talking about this again!"

As Gu Tianqing failed to convince her, he left quickly.

Gu Xijiu went back to bed and yawned twice continuously. She then tapped on the bracelet on her wrist, "Little Cang, how are you doing now?"

The Firmament Stone did not send her any messages but dimly blinked once to show that it was still surviving.

That day at the Open Heaven Stage, it was the one which absorbed all the five colors of the lightning snake and released seven colors of light to surround her like Buddha

After the test which left Gu Xijiu dazzled with a vision, the Firmament Stone left Gu Xijiu its words and slumbered, "Master, Im almost stuffed to death, Id need to absorb them slowly"

Then, it slumbered and showed no signs of waking up yet.

When the vision showed up at that Open Heaven Stage, she thought it was Di Fuyi but with those words, she knew all the credit went to it.

However, she did feel that the Firmament Stone and Di Fuyi had an agreement in advance or else, Di Fuyi would not say that she was Holy Lord Scholar so smoothly, and how nobody could spot a single flaw.

Holy Lord Scholar

By the way that Di Fuyi lied, was he not afraid of being punished by the Holy Lord?

Or the seven colors of light was indeed the kungfu of the Holy Lord, whereby even Di Fuyi had misunderstood?

Gu Xijiu looked at the bracelet on her wrist and started to wonder if it was originally owned by the Holy Lord, when she recalled the scene when she first saw it.

This Firmament Stone was indeed faithful but it was also hiding something from her.

Gu Xijiu did try to trap it into telling the truth but she failed to.

This fellow looked talkative but it was indeed good at keeping secrets. When it did not want to say anything, it would close its mouth tighter than a clam and refuse to loosen up even when being pried open.

She closed her eyes for a while and slept before she knew it.

Outside the bed drapes, the candle dimed and a young man appeared in the room.

The young man had dark hair, purple robe, and a glistening pair of foxy eyes. Yes, he was the Celestial Master Zuo, Di Fuyi.

Gu Xijiu, who was in bed, seemed to have felt it. Her eyelids vibrated as if she wanted to open her eyes. Di Fuyi waved his sleeve and a faint smell had made Gu Xijiu fall back into slumber.

He stood in front of the bed and looked at her face with his sophisticated eyes. Nobody knew what was he thinking about.

Gu Xijiu could not sleep nicely. She tossed and turned, and kicked away the quilt.

She was wearing her handmade thin pajamas, which was rather cooling.

The pajama was rather unkempt and exposed her fair legs.

There was still a patch on Gu Xijius face, but her skin was still fairly white and the shape of the exposed legs was perfect.

If there were to be no accidents, she would have a pair of perfect legs when she grew up.

Her feet were looking good too. With just the perfect size and her five pinky toes, it drew people to yearn to hold it in their hands