The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Or Did He Stumble upon Something?

There were numerous types of spiritual powers in this world. Other than gold, wood, water, fire, and soil, there were also rare thunder talents and wind talents. Each type has a different practice method, thus requiring different books.

Gu Xijiu had tested herself and found out that she had double talents. One was the common fire talent, while another was the extremely rare wind talent, hence, requiring special books to practice with.

She could not find such book at the mansion of general. So, she could only ask for help by going to the crown prince, Rong Jialuo.

Rong Jialuo was not selfish towards her at all. He led her directly to the library of the palace and only found two relevant books after searching for a long time.

However, Gu Xijiu was rather disappointed because these two books were not basic but rather, at an intermediate version.

As she was a beginner, these books were definitely unsuitable, yet she could not find anything else.

Therefore, she could only take the two books back and tried to figure out some basics from these books.

She studied for one whole day yet failed to figure anything out.

That feeling was akin to a junior school student skipping algebra and immediately advancing to learns university-level calculus. She felt a headache studying them.

Therefore, she had to give up temporarily and started practicing her fire talent instead.

She had been practicing throughout the day and felt that she had improved her spirit power by a little.

She also talked to Rong Jialuo who had been through the Dark Forest a day before, as she wanted to understand the conditions above and below the third peak.

Rong Jialuos spirit power was a level six when he went through that Dark Forest. At that time, his spiritual power was considered very high at Tianxing Kingdom.

Yet, he could only reach the edge of the third peak. He was troubled greatly and almost lost his life as soon as he got there. He also was injured badly and had to come out with much difficulty

According to him, there were not only extremely ferocious beasts but also the omnipresent poison gas.

There was a swamp that can absorb people but acted like grasslands, a man-eating tree, a man-eating army of antseven the illusions could eat man

Even the Thunderbloods Mastiff which Gu Xijiu met, was very common in the Dark Forest.

From Rong Jialuo, Gu Xijiu finally got to know more about the Dark Forest and knew that she had to start practicing as soon as possible.

After all, she could only help herself when she reached the third peak.

Six months sounded long but in fact, it was a short period of time for her.

The ability of Gu Xijiu was not only very precious to the emperor, the other two countries were coveting on her too. Therefore, the emperor had ordered an imperial troop to protect the safety of the generals mansion and had sent four masters hiding beside Gu Xijiu to prevent any accidents from occurring.

With the protection from these people, Gu Xijiu was much safer.

Yet, she was on her guards deep within herself.

Guarding against Long Siye!

Guarding herself against being taken away secretly again to Tianwen mountain for the sake of his fiance

Neither can these masters that the emperor sent nor she herself could fight against a master like Long Siye.

After three days of guarding, she was slightly relieved as she did not see Long Siye at all. Yet, she wondered...

From what she saw, Long Siye seemed to be determined and would not give up regardless.

She did not expect that Long Siye would not appear after she was brought back by Di Fuyi. Had he given up?

Or did he stumble upon something?