The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 310

Chapter 310: How Could the Person I Choose Be Poor?

"Mu Lei, you think too much. With our Holy Lord here, that little girl would be alright." Another person shook his head.

"Thats right. Our master does care for this little girl" Mu Lei nodded.

"Holy Lord, what do you think of her performance this time?" Mu Feng asked, rather daringly.

"How could the person I choose be poor?" The Holy Lord drawled.

The two young men, ""

Mu Lei, "The little girl is indeed different"

Mu Feng taunted, "If she wasnt different, how would the Holy Lord place his efforts on her and claim that she is his scholar? He definitely has to train her to prevent her from humiliating the name of the Holy Lord."

"Do the two of you really not have anything else better to do?" With just a sentence, the Holy Lord shut their mouths instantly! They carefully observed their master, afraid if their very particular master would agonize them again if he was unhappy.

Fortunately, the Holy Lord did not mean to trouble them. Instead, he was tapping on the branch, pondering.

The surrounding became extremely quiet.

"Mu Feng, hows Long Siye?" Holy Lord suddenly asked.

"Replying the Holy Lord, hes still receiving his punishment at the Brahma region."

The Holy Lord slightly nodded and kept quiet.

Both Mu Feng and Mu Lei met eyes and acknowledged that they were both sympathizing Long Siye.

The name 'Brahma' sounded fancy, as though it was a merciful place when it was, in fact, a place of sufferings.

The living condition there was extremely bad, not because of the extreme topography or ferocious beast & poisonous mist, but rather the bad condition which changes according to the victim's spiritual power.

For example, if a person with a water talent was receiving his punishment, the condition will change to arid soil.

Long Siye had wood talents, so it was a hell of a fire. That fire would drain body liquids out and cause an extreme burning sensation

The Holy Lord was usually kind, especially towards his four disciples who received the heavenly gift. Though he always gave them some troubles, he would not punish them by sending them there.

Nevertheless, Long Siye deserved such serious punishment as he had kidnapped Gu Xijiu and disturbed the heavenly gift test - it was indeed unexpected.

Mu Feng slightly hesitated, "Holy Lord, I heard that the protective boundaries of Tianwen mountain were destructed before Long Siye came to receive his punishment. He had spent lots of his spiritual power and eight whole days to repair it"

"Yes? So?" Holy Lord shifted his focus towards him.

Mu Feng plucked up his courage to continue, "Hes been at Brahma region for almost a month now... can he be released now?"

Holy Lord slightly frowned and thought about it briefly while tapping on a tree branch and said indifferently, "You are right, a month is the longest for a person to be in Brahma region. Let him out and then put him in the Aqua Sky Court so that he can rest for a few months."

Mu Feng, ""

The two young men were looking at each other again. Though Aqua Sky Court was the place for people with water talent to recharge themselves, it could be considered as a good place for Long Siye to rest, as wood required water too.

Nonetheless, resting there was a suffering because it was a frozen world which was much colder than the North Pole.

Was it good for Long Siye to enter the frozen world immediately after the hell of fire?

Poor Overlord Long - he had to experience both a freezer and a furnace!

Holy Lord glanced at him, "Are you not going away now?"

The two young men were shocked and knew that they could not change the Holy Lords mind anymore. Therefore, they quickly replied and ran away as quickly the fury of a tornado.