The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 311

Chapter 311: The Ugly Duckling Became A Beautiful Swan

The Holy Lord stood still, looking towards the cave and the direction where Gu Xijiu went, the corners of his mouth began to turn up.

"Little Xijiu, dont disappoint me. You need to work harder!" He then shifted his focus towards his hands. It seems that he has become overly concerned about the little girl, perhaps it was due to the fact he had experienced many things for the first time because of her.

After a while, he began to laugh and partly squint his eyes.

For the first time, he was placing so much effort on someone who was not a disciple of the heavenly gift. It was probably something that caught his interest. After all, he rarely had anything that sparked his interest.


Time passed by quickly. With just a blink of an eye, four months had passed.

Inside a quiet room, there was a beautiful yet faint aura radiating from a person who was meditating.

The faint aura slowly disappeared and the person, who was meditating, opened her eyes.

"Congratulations master, your spiritual power has finally increased to level four!" The compelling voice of the Firmament Stone transmitted into her mind.

Gu Xijiu woke up, stretched her body and began to feel the spiritual power inside her body. Then, she let out a sigh, "My spiritual power was only able to level up twice in over five months. Little Cang, is my practicing method incorrect?"

The Firmament Stone replied, "Master, from what I know, the well-known genius of the Feixing Kingdom, Rong Jialuo, was born with a level four spiritual power. He started practicing since he was four years old and after 16 years, his spiritual power was only able to level up twice, and yet he was well regarded as a genius. On the other hand, you have leveled up twice in less than six months, and you are complaining? Don't you understand that you're leveling up at an incredible speed already?"

Gu Xijiu tapped on it once, "Didn't we start from the bottom? Aren't beginners supposed to level up quicker at the start and then become slower at a higher level?"

The Firmament Stone was speechless and gave her another example, "Gu Tianchao, your so-called elder brother, was born with a level three spiritual power. He started practicing since he was five years old and after 15 years his spiritual power was only able to reach level 4.5! Even he was able to be accepted as a disciple of the Jiuxing clan!"

Gu Xijiu stood up, "Alright, alright. I already knew I was a genius. You don't have to praise me with more examples."

The Firmament Stone, "..."

Gu Xijiu smiled as she felt good to be able to chat with the Firmament Stone.

The Firmament Stone had slept for five months! It only awoke three days ago and was finally able to talk to her.

The first sentence it said was, "Master, were you changing yourself again? I was almost unable to recognize you!"

Gu Xijiu understood as her appearance was very different from how she looked six months ago.

She used to be only 1.5m tall, and now she has grown to 1.65m tall!

Her breast had developed while her legs had become thinner and longer. Her figure was carved perfectly with perfect curves.

Her skin was fair and tender, and her eyes became big and filled with vigor. Even the red patch on her forehead had almost disappeared and could be covered entirely with just a little bit of make-up.

The Firmament Stone felt after it had awoken from its slumber that the duckling which was once ugly had now turned into a beautiful swan!

The change in her did not only surprise it but also attracted it to keep staring at her.

Nonetheless, it was still concerning, "Master, you're only 14 years and two months old. Do you look too mature? Did you eat some hormones or something?"

Gu Xijiu almost wanted to give it a good beating, "Stupid, this body was not able to develop properly before. Now that I have taken good care of it for several months, it was finally able to develop back to normal, and it has nothing to do with taking any hormones!"

This world calculated age based on one full year of one's life. Therefore, 14 years old also meant 15 years old according to the modern world's western calendar; hence, her body was supposed to be still in the development phase.