The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Damn, Woman! Cant Even Listen To A Man Telling The Truth!

Gu Xijiu ignored its suggestion as she needed to keep herself warm and was not interested in looking good! Her fingers were freezing. Otherwise, she would move more swiftly just now.

After she skinned the bear, she cleaned it with enchantment before she took out a blade to cut it and a needle and string to sew it into a simple cloak. Then, she tried it on, and its length was just perfect. More importantly, it kept her body warm! As soon as she put the cloak on her body, her limbs started to feel warm.

The Firmament Stone disliked it, "Master, you look like a snow ball with this. I think you dont have to run anymore, you can just roll on the ground."

With a groaning sound, Gu Xijiu snickered and said, "Little Cang, youve just reminded me of something." Gu Xijiu then quickly rolled it on the ground!

The Firmament Stone snapped, "Damn, woman! Cant even listen to a man telling the truth!"

"HahahahaLittle Cang, you arent a man after all." Gu Xijiu laughed and her laughter echoed through the ice land like a couple of ringing bells.

The Firmament Stone was speechless, "" It was the first time it had seen its master laughing so happily. Nevertheless, it magically transformed into a bracelet and flew back on her wrist. Then, it threatened her, "Try to roll me again, and you'll face the consequences!"

As it turned into a bracelet, it stopped rolling because it had jewels with four corners and eight angles which could cause a few holes in the snow if it rolled on the ground.

Gu Xijiu merely turned and left.


The snow storm was intense, but a group of people were seen coming towards her. There were eight of them, two females and six males. These eight people were obviously good in kungfu as they left no footprints on the snow.

"Eh, whats that?" A young lady in green mumbled while pointing towards an object that looked like a small hill. The others raised their heads and saw an indistinct lump of meat in the snow storm.

"Shan Qing, go and check it out!" A young man in luxurious clothing ordered.

"Sure!" A middle-aged man who looked smart and valiant replied and quickly surveyed the object from a closer distance and then returned, "Sir, that lump of meat looks like the carcass of a Shura Snow Bear"

The young man in luxurious clothing was surprised and charged towards the lump of meat. The rest followed suit.

That lump of meat was big in size and it was already harden. It was left in a crouched position, unmoved. It indeed looked like the carcass of a Shura Snow Bear.

"This is so cruel!" The lady in green mumbled and shifted her focus away.

Meanwhile, Shan Qing started to examine the wounds of the bear, and then he reported, "Sir, this bear was stabbed to death through its '[1] Ding Men Qi Circulation' Acupuncture Point. And from the traces of fighting, it should be done by that same person."

That young man in luxurious clothing slightly nodded his head, "This person dares to come here alone, he must have good external abilities."

Shan Qing added, "This person seems unfamiliar with the beasts available in this ice land. Observing the wounds of the beasts he killed along the way, it looked like trial and error as the wounds were all over the place perhaps to find its weakness. However, his skills are really brutal indeed. As soon as he found its weakness, the bear was instantly stabbed to death!"

Shan Qing was evidently a professional in analyzing the wounds of animals.

That young man in luxurious clothing was staring toward the front, "Five frost crocodiles, four snow pythons and a Shura Snow BearThis person must be a proficient. Shan Qing, do you know how high this persons spirit power is?"