The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Useless Teammate

Le Jiajun looked to that direction and then she looked at Gu Xijiu who stood leisurely not far away, "Miss, do you see how dangerous this place can be? If we go away and leave you alone, I am afraid that you cant even get any plants."

Tan Xiaoge who hid behind Le Jiajun also interrupted, "Not only will you be unable to get any plants but you will also lose your life here."

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Its true. I was waiting for partners when I first reached here. Coincidently all of you showed up. If it were a standard partnership, I would ask for 10 plants and give my partners a few thousands dollar. But I have you to thank for that. It saved me money and effort. It reminds me of a saying, It is not scary to have a powerful opponent. It is scary to have a useless teammate. I believe that Prince Long would have felt it deeply."

Tan Xiaoge remained silent, but her face was red. Le Jiajuns face was pale. Although this young lady wrapped in bearskin looked modest, the aura exuded by her was very imposing.

Le Jiajun could barely smile, but she did not want to keep silent, "I know that you have an outstanding skill. Why don't you go and help out?"

Gu Xijiu leisurely leaned on the wall and said lightly, "No, I dont want to." The two sisters had no other words to reply anymore.

Fortunately, the fight would end soon. All the eight snow lizards had been killed by Shan Qing and the team while Prince Long had successfully retrieved around 12 Ice Shura Flowers. There were only 14 left untouched.

Suddenly, something happened! The initially quiet ice cliffs suddenly shook like an earthquake, and at this moment, the ice cliff suddenly cracked into a big hole under Prince Long!

Prince Long was not prepared for it and fell into the hole! The two women screamed while the five bounty hunters that had just killed the eight snow lizards were far away from Prince Long. They did not have sufficient time to rescue him. When they wanted to move there, a white shadow passed in front of them.

While Prince Long was falling down the hole, he was pulled by someone. Everything happened quickly, and suddenly he was already back on the ground.

At the same time, a huge monster from the ice cave. It was a monster which was a few times bigger than the snow lizards The King of Snow Lizards!

Prince Long was frightened and began to sweat despite the cold. If he were not rescued in time, he would have become the food inside the mouth of this big monster. He looked at the woman beside him with a face of shock and disbelief.

Apparently, it was Gu Xijiu who saved him. When he fell, she was about 10 meters away. He never expected that her Qing Gong was so great!

He had never seen or even heard of this kind of Qing Gong before and became more curious who this woman was.

"Thank you, miss!" Prince Long raised his sleeves and bowed for appreciation.

"Dont mention it." Gu Xijiu did not look at him as her attention was on the King of Snow Lizards which had just appeared in front of them. She frowned.

Each of its scales was as big as a teapot, and it had glowing eyes like lanterns. It had a large body like the legendary Tyrannosaurus rex. When it roared, the ground shook profoundly. It was angry, and its pair of eyes stared at the crowd while the scales on its body slowly stood up!

"The King of Snow Lizards is equivalent to someone with level seven spiritual power. Master, you cannot fight against it even if all of you cooperated to attack. Run!" The Firmament Stone shouted in Gu Xijius mind.