The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Showcase

Shan Qing shouted, "Dismiss!" Then, he ran toward the direction where Prince Long stood, "Prince, we are not able to fight against this monster. We have to dismiss now!"

Prince Long knew how powerful this monster was. When he saw the King of Snow Lizards about to attack, he led the team to a safe place. These people were very good at martial arts and had high spiritual powers. However, they had to use all their strength to escape safely. In just a blink of an eye, they had run four to five miles away.

"Where is the young lady?" Prince Long asked while he was retreating. He turned back but did not see Gu Xijiu. He stopped abruptly! Shan Qing and the team looked around. They also did not notice the woman who wore the bearskin cloak.

The roaring of the King of Snow Lizards did not stop, but the creature did not chase them. The two sisters ran until they were almost breathless. They quickly said, "Perhaps she has her way to run since she did not come from the same direction that we did. It is better for us to leave this place as soon as possible. It is not safe, and the King of Snow Lizards might catch up very soon"

Before they finished their sentence, Prince Long had turned back and said, "Let me go and find her." He disappeared from their sight in just a second.

Le Jiajun and her sister remained silent.

Shan Qings facial expression changed. He immediately instructed his team, "You guys bring Miss Le and Miss Tan and leave first. I will follow Prince Long." Then he promptly followed behind Prince Long.

The Firmament Stone thought that its master was different from others. At this very critical moment, she still remembered the remaining Ice Shura Flowers!

When the others were running away to protect their lives, she directly teleported to the ice cliff and plucked another plant! When the King of Snow Lizards was preparing to catch up with the rest who ran away, it turned its head back and saw Gu Xijiu who was still plucking away!

This time, it was furious and charged toward her at full speed.

It extended its long tongue towards Gu Xijiu but she used her teleportation power and disappeared from the place where she originally stood. The long tongue did not reach Gu Xijiu but almost hit the remaining plants.

Apparently, the plants were very precious to the King of Snow Lizards as it quickly retracted its long tongue when it saw the plants. It roared and tried to look for the brave little girl. However, even after it turned around, it could not see where Gu Xijiu was.

Although the King of Snow Lizards was mighty, it was simple-minded. When it failed to locate Gu Xijiu, it wanted to chase the people who had escaped instead. But just when it was about to move, it raised its head and saw Gu Xijiu plucking another three plants!

She was even more skillful than Prince Long when she plucked the plant. The creature was furious to the point where all its scales stood up. It emitted a powerful destructive water jet towards Gu Xijiu, but she disappeared again! The water jet splashed on the ground and immediately formed a small iceberg.


It was the scene Prince Long saw when he returned to the place.

The woman who was wearing the bearskin cloak suddenly appeared to pluck the plant. When the King of Snow Lizards attacked, she re-appeared on its head! It was the blind spot of the creature. Thus, it totally could not see her.

Gu Xijiu was very good at Qing Gong. When she landed, she was as light as a feather. The scales of the King of Snow Lizards were thick and insensitive. Hence, it totally could not feel Gu Xijiu standing on top of its head. Whenever it could not find Gu Xijiu, it looked around and roared angrily but still could not catch the little human!