The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Competition

Le Jiajun eyes suddenly lit up as she asked, "Are you afraid of losing?"

The more Gu Xijiu rejected, the more she thought that she was not capable enough to compete with her. Thus, she insisted on making her accept the challenge.

Tan Xiaoge also tried to convince her to accept the challenge.

After they finished persuading her, Gu Xijiu finally agreed, "I can accept the challenge with certain conditions. Firstly, I need someone to act as a mediator. And, secondly, we need to bet on something in this competition. What can you take out as your bet?"

"What about you?" Le Jiajun asked.

"If I lose, I will not take any of the medicines that I refined from the Ice Shura Flowers." Her words were direct and firm.

Le Jiajun remained silent.

"Master, dont underestimate your opponent. Le Jiajun is a master in medicine refining skill. She can refine fourth-grade medicine and is almost at the same level as Gu Xixi. You will not be able to win the competition." The Firmament Stone immediately provided the information in her mind.

Although there were a lot of people who could refine medicine in this continent, it was rare to have people who could refine a high quality of medicine.

Most of the people could only refine the second-grade medicine. People who could refine the third-grade medicine could be addressed as 'refining pharmacists' and are highly sought after by all clans.

After all, a high-quality medicine could not only cure wounds but also improve skills and add some other special effects.

Fourth-grade refining pharmacists are considered as 'masters' among the masters. There were less than a hundred people on this continent who were fourth grade and above.

Even the Tianwen saint (Gu Xixi) was only a fifth-grade refining pharmacist despite all her skills. As for sixth-grade pharmacists, it was rarer, and there were only a dozen of them on this continent. Most of them exclusively specialized in the refining process their entire lives. They did not even know how to cure or provide treatment. It was very rare to have people like Gu Xixi who could refine medicine well while being able to heal patients. This was the reason why she is called as the Tianwen saint.

As for Le Jiajun, she had started to learn about medicine refinery since she was eight. She spent all her time and effort on this process and was now only a fourth-grade refining pharmacists after nine years. Thus, she was quite famous in this continent. The Firmament Stone had a plethora of information about her.

Before the Firmament Stone fell asleep, Gu Xijiu was still learning how to use the alchemy furnace. Even if she kept practicing diligently after it slept, she could only have practiced for only a few months. It was not possible to have such a vast improvement in such a short time frame.

Based on its estimation, Gu Xijiu could only refine second-grade medicine at best. Apparently, it was not a good idea to compete with a fourth graded refining pharmacist.

It was okay to be shameful if she lost the competition, but the bet was too expensive to lose. If she lost, she had to start from scratch to collect the herbs in this ice land again!

Gu Xijiu sighed, "I didn't know that she is such a high grade. You should have told me earlier."

"You agreed to it too fast!" The Firmament Stone almost cried.

"There is nothing else I can do since I have agreed to compete. If I lose, then you have to accompany me for a few more days to find the remaining plants." Gu Xijiu answered casually.

The Firmament Stone remained silent.

Prince Long just went out for a while, and by the time he came back the three ladies had sealed the deal on the competition. If Gu Xijiu lost in the competition, she would give up all her Ice Shura Flowers. If Le Jiajun lost in the competition, she needed to contribute her treasure the Cangyan spring water, which was a kind of drug that could restore the body. It was made by several rare and precious herbs and could not be easily refined. Therefore, a small bottle of Canyan spring water was worth a hundred thousand dollars in the market.