The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Competition 4

Tan Xiaoge cheered after seeing her sister's results. She was too excited until she almost lost her voice.

It was considered a miracle for a fourth-grade refining pharmacist to produce three fourth-grade medicines in a single alchemy furnace.

Le Jiajun smiled with her bright eyes. She glanced through everyone in the igloo. There were eight people inside, and everyone was looking at her. She became the center of attention.

She was very proud as she was confident that she would win this match. Hence, she laughed and looked at Gu Xijiu as if she was looking at a joke, "Miss Chong Sheng, you have lost the match!"

Gu Xijiu sighed, "It is indeed difficult to get three fourth-grade medicines in one alchemy furnace. It seems like I need to get at least four fourth-grade medicines to win the match" She looked at her alchemy furnace and tapped on it with her finger, "Please work well."

Le Jiajun laughed. She said cruelly, "If the refining pharmacist is not good enough, the results would be bad even if the alchemy furnace works well."

"It is true." Gu Xijiu nodded and continued, "If the pharmacist is good, even if it is an ordinary alchemy furnace it could also produce good quality medicines, right?"

"Of course!" Le Jiajun had been waiting for her to say this statement.

Gu Xijiu laughed, "Lets look at the results." She raised her hand to open the lid.

Although they knew the miracle would not happen, everyone's head turned to look into her alchemy furnace. They were stunned.

Le Jiajun did not bother looking because she thought that she knew the result without the need to look at her alchemy furnace. With Gu Xijiu's ability, it was considered good if she was able to produce two third graded medicines. When she noticed that everyone had an abnormal look on her face, she laughed and asked, "What happened? Are all the medicines bad?" With no reply, she laughed even harder, "Everyone makes mistakes. It is alright even if she produced all bad medicines. Just a shame to waste those precious herbs"

Before she finished her sentence, Prince Long interrupted, "One fifth-grade medicine! Nine fourth-grade medicines!" He spoke in a trembling voice, with a surprise and disbelief look.

Le Jiajun was stunned! She said, "I dont believe! Let me see!"

There were 10 medicines in the alchemy furnace. There was one medicine that was glowing with a halo, and the remaining nine medicines looked rounded and elegant. It was indeed as what Prince Long mentioned - one fifth-grade medicine and nine fourth-grade medicines!

Le Jiajun looked pale. She took a step backward and gazed at Gu Xijiu. She screamed again, "I do not believe it! You must be cheating!"

It was considered extraordinary that an alchemy furnace could have more than half its medicines refined well. With Le Jiajun's remarkable performance just now, she could only produce four fourth-grade medicines and three second-grade medicines. The rest were all rejects.

It was nothing short of a miracle that Gu Xijiu could produce all good medicines! What was more unusual was that she was using the most common alchemy furnace!

Le Jiajun suspected that even her master could not have such a good result. She almost lost her mind.

Gu Xijiu lightly smiled, "What could I do to cheat?"

"You prepared these medicines beforehand!"

"Nonsense! I can see that all these medicines are freshly produced. Le Jiajun, you have to be sporting." Prince Longs urged her to be fair.

Gu Xijiu packed her alchemy furnace and said lightly, "There is one more match. If you don't believe me, you can watch it on the side."

Le Jiajun said, "Okay! You produce first, and I will watch you!"

So the third match started.