The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Master, You Are Tricky

To be fair, Gu Xijiu placed all the well-extracted pills on top of the ice table, and Shan Qing was there to guard the tablets.

When Gu Xijiu opened the alchemy furnace for the third time, Le Jiajun was utterly out of words.

This time, there were two grade-five pills and eight grade-four pills!

The Firmament Stone had lost its mind too, "Master, are you trying to cheat? What did I miss out in the past couple of months when I was in my deep sleep? Master, did you purposely extract the pills in that way during your first alchemy, just to distract her?" The Firmament Stone shouted.

"She doesnt deserve that. The first found simply wasn't the technique that Im most familiar with," Gu Xijiu explained slowly.

"Agreed!" Firmament Stone said.

Gu Xijiu had won, undoubtedly.

Although both the sisters refused to acknowledge their defeat, they were utterly convinced by Gu Xijius techniques.

Tan Xiaoge had initially made fun of Gu Xijiu, saying that she was going to waste the Ice Shura Flowers. After the contest, now it seemed like the sisters were the ones who had ruined the herbs.

Without further hesitation, Prince Long handed Gu Xijiu all of Ice Shura Flowers for her to extract its essence.

Due to the difference in alchemy for the different regions, bystanders were forbidden to observe the process, especially for the extraction of top-grade pills it was highly secretive.

Politely, Prince Long asked the sisters to withdraw from the place. Gu Xijiu quickly interrupted, "It's alright since there are a large number of pills that need to be extracted this time... if they're willing to help, they can stay and help me, or leave otherwise."

Indeed, the sisters were pleased to stay, as their primary intention was to plagiarize the techniques.

"Master, both of them seem to harbor evil intentions. You shouldnt be so courteous and let them plagiarize the techniques," said the Firmament Stone, aggrieved.

"Eh? I thought a stone as pure as you should be compassionate and merciful enough to tolerate it? How could you say something like this?" Gu Xijiu teased.

The Firmament Stone went silent.