The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Upon Hearing The First News

"Humph, I know, are you showing them mercy because they are part of the Tianwen clan and also the followers of Long Siye? Do you still have feelings for Long Siye?"

"You're overthinking!" Gu Xijiu interrupted, "They won't be able to master the techniques even if they're standing close to observe because I've used my Wind Power into the alchemy. They don't even have access to such power! If they were using the same technique as mine, they might as well maintain their own method."

That was how it was.

The Firmament Stone was relieved, "Master, youre tricky," said the Firmament Stone, in full approval.

The alchemy was very time-consuming. Therefore, it could not be completed in a short time frame.

The folks started to blather with their own opinions.

These people had been in the society for a while. Thus, they were very well informed of the current news and happenings.

The topic that they were blathering on this time was about Di Fuyi, who was rumored to be quite mysterious. According to the news, Shan Qing had seen Celestial Master Zuo by accident outside the Feixing Kingdom. "Celestial Master Zuo was in the Haoyue Kingdom! I saw his carriage just couple weeks ago!"

The folks were interested. They paid attention to what he had to say and asked questions, "Why would Celestial Master Zuo be in the Haoyue Kingdom? Did it something strange happen there?"

Shan Qing nodded his head lightly and continued, "Something strange did happen. It's said that there was a lady in the Haoyue Kingdom who claimed to have acquired a heavenly gift."

The crowd was quiet at first, but some people started to laugh, "What is going on? This person just showed up and claimed to be a disciple? Moreover, since it's a woman... Isn't she afraid to die?"

"Exactly, even though the one in our kingdom is not a heaven gifted disciple, she was a follower of the Lord. Even so, she still has to enter the Dark Forest after six months to struggle for survival. Who is that woman in the Haoyue Kingdom? Does she have no fear of death?"

Shan Qing shook his head, "This one in the Haoyue Kingdom is extraordinary. Who knows, she could be the real deal!"

The crowd listened to him attentively, with their eyes wide open.

"Did you know that there's a clan in the Haoyue Kingdom, known as the Feiyun clan?"

"I know, there's a mainstream religion in the Haoyue Kingdom. It's said that most of them are experts in incantations. The surname of the founder is Yun, who's also the priest in the Haoyue Kingdom. According to rumors, this priest is not only a master in incantations, but he also has Manipulating Powers that are powerful enough to kill people invisibly. He can even use it to summon the winds and call for the rain."

"Eh, but what does the heavenly gift have to do with the Feiyun clan?"

"The one who claimed to be its disciple is the founder's only daughter, Yun Qingluo. She's also a saint in the Haoyue Kingdom. Her status and identity are higher than Miss Gu's, the one in our Kingdom," said Shan Qing, in all seriousness.

The crowd remained silent.

They knew about Yun Qingluo. When she was born, it was said that there were 28 magpies circling the delivery room in a celestial manner. She was so precious because she could already talk the moment she was born.

She became literate at the age of one and studied history at the age of two. She was thus proclaimed as a wonder child. She was tested with four and a half of Thunder Talent, so the king of Haoyue Kingdom appointed her as the saint of the kingdom and even built a palace especially for her.

By the age of 15, she was already a renowned master in the art of incarnation. An amulet with her writing could sell for 10,000 silvers. Now that she had turned 18, her incarnation power had attained the acme of perfection. She worked a miracle by casting the beans on the ground to transform them into an army of soldiers. One single amulet could summon the Lightning God in the ninth heaven. It was indeed very mighty and powerful.

The lady was an introvert though. She spent most of her time in her palace to study and rarely made contact with outsiders. Even when she occasionally left her house, she covered up her face with a thin gauze.

According to the very few people who had seen her, she was described to be a gorgeous woman who was even more beautiful than Gu Xixi, the saint from the Tianwen clan.

She kept a very low profile of her life, so her beauty was not well known.

Although she was only 18, her Incantation Power had already surpassed her father's. There were already some rumors that circulated among the ordinary folks, saying that she had a heavenly gift. She, however, had remained silent about it, so no one had investigated her so far.

Little did one know that the news would break out.

According to Shan Qing, Yun Qingluo started to claim herself as a disciple just two weeks ago. Even though the people had seen it coming, the announcement had nonetheless caused an uproar in the Haoyue Kingdom.

Di Fuyi is not only a master in the Feixing Kingdom, but he is also a tester who was able to test the true identity of a heaven gifted disciple. The head of state of the Haoyue Kingdom, Qian Yueran, sent a letter to Di Fuyi, inviting him to test her to find out whether Yun Qingluo was indeed bestowed with such gift.

Shan Qing had now shared all the things that he knew, and the folks all nodded in agreement.

"Will Celestial Master Zuo bring Luo Qingyun back to be tested at the Open Heaven Stage?" the crowd asked.

"Should be, theres only one Open Heaven Stage anyway," Shan Qing nodded.

"I heard that the Open Heaven Stage wasn't the only way for Celestial Master Zuo to identify the true identity of a heaven gifted disciple. Wasn't there some people who were immediately recognized by Celestial Master Zuo to be fake and were sent immediately to the Dark Forest?"

Someone agreed, "That seems right. I heard Celestial Master Zuo is good at reading people. In recent years, there were at least a hundred imposters who claimed to be the heaven gifted disciple themselves. They didnt have to go to the pillars at the Open Heaven stage to be busted. There were less than 10 people who have been to the Open Heaven Stage, which only happens when Celestial Master Zuo fails to recognize them on the spot and is in doubt of their true identity."

"That being said, it seems like Miss Gu Xijiu from our kingdom was not too bad, after all, she managed to place Celestial Master Zuo in doubt."

"Of course. Although shes not a heaven gifted disciple, she is still a follower of the Lord; there isnt much difference between the two anyway."