The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 330

Chapter 330: I Have A Feeling That He Is Coming To See You

"Not sure if Yun Qingluo is entitled enough to make Celestial Master Zuo activate the Open Heaven Stage just for her."

"Shes qualified, perhaps? At least, shes been so exceptional since young. Moreover, shes widely known as a genius."

"Among those who have claimed themselves as the heaven gifted disciple, which one of them is not endowed with unusual intelligence?" Someone disdained, "Well, most of them are proven to be fake, aren't they?"

"Youre right."

There was a lively discussion in the crowd with everyone trying to voice out their opinions.

"Its strange. Although the test is complicated, it should be able to be completed within a day. What makes Celestial Master Zuo stay longer than he should over there?" asked a folk, perplexed.

With a faint smile on his face, Shan Qing said, "Its said that the lady, Yun Qingluo, has been missing since she proclaimed herself as a heaven gifted disciple. Hence, Celestial Master Zuo has to chase after her."

The crowd was speechless.

Someone was puzzled and said, "This has happened to Miss Gu from our kingdom. She disappeared once, before the test."

The discussion was getting more and more lively.

During the entire discussion, Gu Xijiu had been taken as a comparison to Yun Qingluo numerous times, in which she was concluded to be inferior to Yun Qingluo in multiple aspects.

Since she was born, she had been manifesting all kinds of anomalies that were similar to Hua Wuyan from several decades ago. Moreover, she had self-taught some mystical powers without a master. She was most probably a genuine heaven gifted disciple. Gu Xijiu had been so occupied, that she did not respond to the ongoing discussions.

Since they departed from the Open Heaven Stage, she had not seen Celestial Master Zuo, and he had not been in touch with her.

"Master, these people are simply shallow. You're more skilled than Yun Qingluo," said the Firmament Stone, displeased.

Gu Xijiu smiled, not saying a word.

"Master, hasnt Celestial Master Zuo met you once in the past couple of months?"

"You have asked this question, twice!" said Gu Xijiu, giving it a slight leer.

"Im just a little perplexed. I thought he would have at least met you a few times by now."

He had always been an inextricable situation before the day of the test. No matter where she went, it would always see him there with her. Undoubtedly, he had left a vivid impression on the Firmament Stone.

It strange that he let her go for good. The Firmament Stone was not used to him disappearing from its sight for the past six months. It continued, "I have a feeling that hes coming to see you."

"What for? Ive done the test already," said Gu Xijiu, utterly unconcerned.

"Youre right," said the Firmament Stone.

"Its Yun Qingluos turn to experience his terrifying ways of trying to keep up with her all the time, I bet she ran away herself, it cant be a coincidence that shes disappeared by chance," said the Firmament Stone, delighted at her misfortune.

Gu Xijiu did not say a word.

The Firmament Stones imagination went wild, "I bet she is not half as good as you in her escapes, shell be caught as soon as she runs. Unlike you, you could still run away after you had been caught, which had made him tremble in rage."

"I take it as a compliment."

"You should! I am complimenting you. Nothing compares to you, she could never be as good," said the Firmament Stone, unyieldingly. "The master that Ive chosen must certainly be the best!"

Gu Xijiu let out a smile, "I must say, you have good taste! Too bad that you cant drink, or else Ill treat you a drink later."

The Firmament Stone hesitated a little. It then continued in a slightly dismal tone, "Master, however, I feel that something is not exactly right."

"Youve been taking a rest for six months already, and yet youre still not feeling right? Where is it thats not well? Do you need more rest?" asked Gu Xijiu, desperately.

The Firmament Stone halted. It was not feeling right about something else.

"Master, you havent seen him for months, not even once. Perhaps he has come to see you stealthily, without you knowing."